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-- rotten elf


Interview with Solex -- Reported 1999-03-22 21:21 by Mr. Bad

No not really, he often thinks my music is weird

Uh, Solex, I hate to tell you this...


...but your music is REAL WEIRD.

Which is definitely COOL BY US.

I'm pretty normal though

Speaking of which: what's the record company think of that?

About what, Robert??

Do they want you to do more mainstream stuff? Or are they happy with you being weird?

I can do whatever I qwant


I'm thinking about a IRC record right now.....With you guys

you've had lots of critical success with Hitmeister. You could break through and be like MICHAEL JACKSON or something if you were more poppy-mainstreamy.

I'm working on that

I don't think you'd be allowed to say "Ass," though.

Yeah, like you could be the next Bjork.

I'm bad uknow it

I like that! Write that down.

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