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Vulcans never bluff.
-- Spock

Y2K Madness

The world's gonna crazy in December... and we're here to cover it for you.

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Fuck. That Dude is BLUE. Fuck.
Well, I didn't think we were ever going to get a chance to do another "Y2K Madness" article on Pigdog Journal again, despite the fact that it's one of our finest categories EVER. And yet, this year's election cycle brings us a chance, with the story of the Montana libertarian dude what turned blue because of Y2K. -- Mr. Bad


Death and Destruction in Dieterland
It's been two long and shitty years, but I for one am STILL holding a goddamned grudge against the world for not blowing up into an kakocratic warlord deathscape on 1/1/2000. How dare the Earth not implode?! How dare civilization not collapse!? How dare it!? -- Mr. Bad


scary daemon processes
The media can even demonize a daemon. -- Pao Tzu


Okay, the world actually DID end
Doesn't it seem spooky that there weren't any millenium cults? I mean, all kinds of crazy people are in the world and still, none of them seemed to do anything apocalyptic. And what about like Europe and Africa where they didn't care about the whole Y2K bug fix thing and left it be. There's all these reassuring news articles that Y2K didn't do much. Why is that? Well, actually, we just didn't want you to flip out. -- Miles Standish


All that Angst... Wasted on NOTHING
The Indian Airline hostages are freed! Yeltsin steps down and Putin takes over smoothly! The world did not end! Come out of your bunkers! Come out! Come Out! COME OUT! -- Baron Earl


New Years Eve Anxiety
I woke up this morning thinking "Wow, this is it, the last day before the year 2000." -- Baron Earl


The Second Millenium - A Look Back
On the eve of the Millennium, Mr. Bad looks back over the last 1000 years. -- Mr. Bad


The Prophet of Doom is Eaten by His Young
Let me make myself as perfectly clear as freshly-blown glass: Gary North is a con artist with a evil black vulture soul that feeds on the brain cells of humanity that have been killed off by ignorance. And in just a few days, he will be exposed for the slick huckster that he is. -- Flesh


Calm Before the Storm
Well, T'is the Day Before Christmas, and it's probably a good thing that you're dicking around on the Web rather than stressing over last-minute XMas shopping like I am. Enjoy it while you can, because next week is going to SUCK. -- Mr. Bad


I think that if I've got to see the ENTIRE WORLD COLLAPSE this holiday season what with Y2K and all, I want to do it SPOCK-STYLE! And now the man himself has a BOOK to EXPLAIN HOW! -- Mr. Bad


Networking In a Post-Apocalyptic World
Hey, monkey boy! Know what the RAVENING HORDES are going to do with a scrawny good-for-nothing like you after Y2K? They're going to ROAST you and EAT you. Damn straight! That is... unless you find some way to make yourself useful. -- Mr. Bad


Giant Space Penis Sparks Massive Frenzy in Brazil
This is a great story! It's got a giant, glowing, phallic statue, a gun-toting mayor, random mob violence, death threats against art critics, you name it. This is the sort of thing journalists live for. -- Tjames Madison


Y6B: Citizens of Earth: Reduce Birthrate or Face Certain DOOOOOOM!
Everyone is getting fed up with the constant CHANTING about Y2K. Even Ed Yourdon, bigshot mainframe guy, and author of Timebomb 2000, who did A LOT to spread awareness (more like panic) about Y2K is backing off the subject, saying, hey, there's nothing more I can do. (I assume he's retreated into his multi-million dollar, plushed out bomb shelter purchased with the proceeds of his book.) So it's time for something ELSE to go CRAZY about. So how about "Y6B" (the year of 6 billion)? -- El Snatcher


Strong Enough For a Man, but Made For a Woman
Apparently, women view the world in a different way then men and so they need their very own "special" Y2K page. -- JRoyale


You See Apocalyptic Storms of Blood, We See a Healthy Challenge
Now, I don't know how many times this has to be said, but I'm gonna say it again: the Y2K problem is NOT a technical problem. The technical stuff is easy. It's the roaming mobs of starving maniacs that's a little hard to deal with. -- Mr. Bad


Don't you understand?! We're all gonna DIE!!!!!
Here are the FACTS: we're all gonna DIE. The world will end and SOON. How, and when, and why... well, that's open to discussion. -- Eugene Leitl


North of No South
Think your local newspaper, the evening news and your Great Aunt Martha have hyperventilated over the Millenium Bug? Then you don't know about "Dr." Gary North, the King God Huckster of Y2K. -- Thom 'Starky' Stark


Superhero Fights Y2K Bug?
Y2K Hysteria reaches new highs! El Destino's credit union created Y2K Man to re-assure customers. -- El Destino

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Messiah Cam!
Web site set up in order to be the first to caputure the image of Jesus as he walks through the gates of Jersalem (really). -- Flesh


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