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fuck you very much with a gun.
-- rotten elf


If life were a weblog we'd all know who touched us.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Nauseating Blog Crap Gets Published
Let me tell you about a stupid book: The Weblog Handbook by Rebecca Blood. It's a book! About weblogs! It's treacly and inane! -- Siduri


16 Hours of Hell
Could you survive 16 hours in a Home Depot? A bet is made, a line is drawn, the line is crossed. This is the story of one man's journey into the heart of darkness. -- Baron Earl


My Name is Mr. Bad, and I am a Roguelike Junky
Man, I gotta say, I LOVE ROGUELIKE GAMES! They're ROCKIN like DOKKEN! -- Mr. Bad


Bad Craziness at Impossible Speeds!!!
It's of VITAL IMPORTANCE that you check out IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT PASS GO! Do NOT collect two hundred dollars, bastardo! The time is now! This is the moment in which we can DO! -- Mr. Bad


Weblog *PERFECT* Gar English Gar
I don't know why, but my writing has become completely incomprehensible lately. It's scary. So I've vowed to myself not to use any stars or all-caps or anything in this link. Oh, and is a Weblog. End of Blurb, begin article now. -- Mr. Bad


OK, NOW I'm Pissed
OK, I'm really starting to hate links-to-links-to-links Web sites. They really are bugging me! is OK, y'know, but FUCKING HELL, I'm just getting sick of these things. -- Mr. Bad


Memepool Has Links -- a links-to-links-to-links site by a bunch of freak-os from Carnegie Mellon and the IRC #perl channel -- has a whole buncha links. I mean, like, a lot. Yeah, really, a Web site by IRC freaks (and people from CMU (and some other people)). Serious! -- Mr. Bad


CamWorld has Links
So, I must say, "Ooh Ma Ma, there are a fuckload of links to links to links to links web sites out there now." And the reason I must say it is that it's true! And CamWorld is one of them. -- Mr. Bad

Offsite links shared by staff writers


Wil Wheaton Sweeps Bloggies
HAR HAR HAR! There's something called the BLOGGIES! And they had an awards thing! And WIL WHEATON WON EVERYTHING! Man, I love Web logs. -- Mr. Bad


The Sound and the Fury
Fabuloso new Web log from longtime Internet commentator Kevin "Stone" Fox. All genius stuff -- the only bummer is he uses that dumb word "blog." GAR! -- Mr. Bad

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