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I encourage you to drink wine and examine your motives for being such an aggressive and angry skeptic.
-- Ratsnatcher


If life were a weblog we'd all know who touched us.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2002-08-01 Nauseating Blog Crap Gets Published
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1999-11-10 My Name is Mr. Bad, and I am a Roguelike Junky
1999-08-21 Bad Craziness at Impossible Speeds!!!
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2017-07-05 Whatever happened to JenniCam's Jennifer Ringley?
-- El Destino
2002-02-05 Wil Wheaton Sweeps Bloggies
HAR HAR HAR! There's something called the BLOGGIES! And they had an awards thing! And WIL WHEATON WON EVERYTHING! Man, I love Web logs. -- Mr. Bad
2000-05-02 The Sound and the Fury
Fabuloso new Web log from longtime Internet commentator Kevin "Stone" Fox. All genius stuff -- the only bummer is he uses that dumb word "blog." GAR! -- Mr. Bad



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