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When I'm interested in a truth, it's really a truth truth, one hundred per cent. And that's a terrible kind of truth to be interested in
-- Lenny Bruce


Git th' lastess cyber info'mashun an' direckshuns fum El Snatcher.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Iowa Armageddon
Pigdog dispatched special correspondent Ratsnatcher for a holiday reconnaissance of America's frozen hell. After ten days of silence, our shortwave radio cackled with Ratsnatcher's static-filled transmission. -- El Snatcher


Deep Inside Linus Torvalds
Ratsnatcher gets HOT HOT HOT in this classic road tale that looks at the steamy underworld of Bay Area Linux advocacy. Loosen your collar for this one! -- El Snatcher


How Yo Git PPP T'Wawk on Yer Linux Box
Hell, ah used t'run a whole netwawk on over PPP wif a modem fo' years. It's real easy. I'll show yo' how right now. -- El Snatcher

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