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I sense our will to conquer being eaten away. And without that we are nothing.
-- Z'nox leader


Shit man

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Two Large Scottish, Please
Jesus Christ, I don't know what to say about this thing. Uh, OK, here's what I'll say: go buy some FUCKBUCKETS now, BEEYOTCH! -- Mr. Bad


Horrible Misogynistic Porn Poem
Check out this porn poem! It's real gross! You'll go "Ewww!" And it's ONLY ON PIGDOG. -- Miles Standish


Hot Milky Mamas
Ok. You're pregnant, lactating, and broke. You need to come up with some cash quick-like. What can you do? You _could_ do a sleazy porn movie that will probably come back to haunt you years from now... *or* you could sell off your breast milk for $2.50 an ounce. -- Flesh


Poop in the News!
Go to Yahoo! and read about POOP! Those people at Yahoo! are horrible coprophiles and all they ever think about is POOP POOP POOP! -- Negative Nancy


TKH - Oriental Enema Museum
This venerable institution provides schoolchildren throughout the Orient their first look at the fascinating world of enema technology. Now you, too, can browse the Oriental Enema Museum from the comfort of your own home with this fabulous interactive multimedia tour. It's like the Louvre, y'know? -- Mr. Bad


Shove It Up Your Ass!
Updated: Things people put up their ass. With new pics! -- Flesh

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Mmm! Pizza!
Yum! Pizza! Give me LOTS! -- Mr. Bad


Creepy Bad Plane
Man, this is sick shit. Thank you, Michael Bakunin. -- Mr. Bad

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