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The Rollins-Shipley Crisis
Everything you ever wanted to know about The Rollins-Shipley Crisis.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2006-07-22 Kim Rollins is (not) getting married!
2001-08-19 Seattle Heart-Breaker Seeks Single Male...
2001-06-17 A Long, Hot, Kim Rollins Summer
2001-01-30 Whatever happened to Kim Rollins?
2001-01-29 Whatever happened to Wil Shipley?
1999-07-06 Kim Rollins sighting?
1999-03-15 Set Gag Reflex On Stun
1999-02-17 Pigdog Journal Blacklisted by CCKR!
1999-01-22 Wil Shipley Memories
1999-01-22 Shipley Ends Journal
1999-01-12 Two months later and she's still with him.
1998-12-24 Shipley Renames Journal: 'Scab'
1998-12-08 The Rollins/Shipley Break-up
1998-11-29 Wil Shipley Quiet
1998-11-27 A Wil Shipley Thanksgiving
1998-11-23 Shipley Confronts 'Little Her', Remembers Obsessive Behavior
1998-11-22 Shipley Misses Sex Less Than Expected
1998-11-20 Shipley Has Haircut and Eats Banana!
1998-11-19 Police Sent For Rollins' Ex
1998-11-17 Sex Weekend, Says Rollins' Ex
1998-11-16 Long-time Net Goddess Kim Rollins to Close Site

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2001-01-29 Wil Shipley throws dinner party
-- El Destino
2000-01-06 Egomaniac Bit Player Now Has Webcam
Rollins-Shipley Crisis bit-player Karawynn now has a web cam -- Rob Piltz



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