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The Rollins-Shipley Crisis

Everything you ever wanted to know about The Rollins-Shipley Crisis.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Kim Rollins is (not) getting married!
If you accidentally typed "Kim Rollins" into Google, you'd find an Amazon web page which now includes "Kim and George's wedding registry!" -- El Destino


Seattle Heart-Breaker Seeks Single Male...
Is Kim Rollins playing the personals? "She's got an ad up at the Salon/Nerve personals," one Washington-based Pigdog reader claims. -- El Destino


A Long, Hot, Kim Rollins Summer
She's skinny, she's sassy, and everyone's watching her. Today avid Pigdog Journal readers came forward with racy sightings of Seattle's favorite former web diarist. -- El Destino


Whatever happened to Kim Rollins?
Kim Rollins has changed her marital status. From "single and looking" to just "single." That's one of many insights gleaned from two personal ads the internet celebrity posted online in November.... -- El Destino


Whatever happened to Wil Shipley?
It's been two years since Pigdog Journal initiated ongoing coverage of daily crises in the life of Wil Shipley. The software executive posted 51 frantic essays over a 10-week period documenting the end of his nine-year relationship with web celebrity Kim Rollins. Shipley has now posted an update... -- El Destino


Kim Rollins sighting?
Is Wil Shipley re-uniting with Kim Rollins? A rumor emerges to fan the flames of Kim Rollins-watchers everywhere. Tuesday night, someone calling him/herself "Not Telling" ( contacted Pigdog with unverified -- yet tantalizing -- reports on the latest possible development... -- El Destino


Set Gag Reflex On Stun
During the heyday of the Rollins-Shipley crisis, gentleman Web diarist Wil Shipley made much about his "substitute girlfriend," known only by her first name, "Karawynn" (and later just by her initial "K"). When Shipley shut down his site for personal reasons, citing a fear of hurting "innocent people", it was widely assumed by veteran Rollins-Shipley watchers that Karawynn was one person who Shipley was trying to protect. Well, Pigdog Journal, ever in pursuit of TOTAL COVERAGE, combed the Web in search of this elusive Shipley companion. Our research into her Web journal reveals the shocking truth: Karawynn DESERVES to be hurt. -- Negative Nancy


Pigdog Journal Blacklisted by CCKR!
Inexplicably, Pigdog Journal has recently been BLACKLISTED by "The Unofficial Kim Rollins Fan Club" and "The Committee to Canonize Kim Rollins" (CCKR)!! -- El Snatcher


Wil Shipley Memories
Stunned readers mulled the possible end of Wil Shipley's journal by pondering cherished moments from entries past. -- El Destino


Shipley Ends Journal
In an entry titled "Journal Ends" Wil Shipley abandoned his ongoing journal, "Scab." -- El Destino


Two months later and she's still with him.
Despite the lack of new information about Kim Rollins, OmniGroup President and Founder Wil Shipley posted his 47th essay since November 15 documenting his recovery from the end of their nine-year relationship. But some readers aren't satisfied with Shipley's side of the story.... -- El Destino


Shipley Renames Journal: 'Scab'
Wil Shipley, online diarist beloved by millions, has changed the name of his journal from the pain-induced "Ouch" to the gently-healing "Scab". El Destino, as usual, has TOTAL COVERAGE. -- El Destino


The Rollins/Shipley Break-up
NET LOSS: Find out the latest scoop on the Shipley/Rollins break-up HERE. -- El Snatcher


Wil Shipley Quiet
For the first time since the tragic breakup with his long time lover and net-celebrity Kim Rollins, the jilted Internet Casanova and founder of Omni Group, Wil Shipley, did not post anything about the break up on the web yesterday. -- JRoyale


A Wil Shipley Thanksgiving
"I went to Thanksgiving at Britta and Kevin's, but I was a zombie," OmniGroup president and founder Wil Shipley writes. In an on-line essay, Shipley chronicles how his break-up with net-celebrity Kim Rollins has complicated his holiday celebrations -- also sharing memories of the evening before Thanksgiving. "In the middle of reading the paper I broke down and started crying again...." Shipley reports that "I went upstairs and had a good cry, then read for a while." Shipley's prescription for the anti-depressant Zoloft has now been doubled. -- El Destino


Shipley Confronts 'Little Her', Remembers Obsessive Behavior
Sunday Omni Development founder and president Wil Shipley confronted the turbulent aftermath of his break-up with net-celebrity Kim Rollins by facing the legacy of the "little piece of her inside me." -- El Destino


Shipley Misses Sex Less Than Expected
Omni Development president Wil Shipley finds the most difficult part of his break-up with net-celebrity Kim Rollins is her unavailability for conversation. Shipley expressed surprise in an on-line essay. "I always assumed that the hardest thing would be the no sex...." -- El Destino


Shipley Has Haircut and Eats Banana!
(PIGDOG BREAKING) Omni Development founder and president Wil Shipley had a haircut Thursday -- and successfully ate half a banana. -- El Destino


Police Sent For Rollins' Ex
A police officer visited a Seattle-area hotel after Omni Development founder and president Wil Shipley paid an unexpected call on ex-girlfriend Kim Rollins. The policeman's visit culminated an ongoing series of humiliations for the Omni Group founder... -- El Destino


Sex Weekend, Says Rollins' Ex
500 regular visitors to Kim Rollins's on-line journal Tuesday found instead a link to an essay titled "Ouch" written by her ex-boyfriend Wil Shipley -- the founder and president of Omni Development, Inc. A series of pages ultimately led readers to a document posted at 12:37 Tuesday offering Shipley's version of their relationship's final days. "[S]he ran off to Portland for a sex weekend...." The bitter Omnigroup founder in fact uses the phrase "sex weekend" three times to describe Kim's meeting with the man for whom she ultimately abandoned her nine-year relationship in Seattle. Shipley reflects on Kim's preparations with irony. "I guess she felt too guilty to take the chocolate I gave her...." (SEE LINKS IN FULL STORY!) -- El Destino


Long-time Net Goddess Kim Rollins to Close Site
At first I thought it was a fake suicide note. "By the time you read this, it's already too late. I'm in my car, or perhaps I've already arrived at my destination; but at any rate, I'm not here and won't be again." It's very real--but she only killed her old self. The last entry in Kim Rollins' on-line journal - - written November 12, but posted at 12:18 today -- tells us she's left her boyfriend of nine years, and headed "south." -- El Destino

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Egomaniac Bit Player Now Has Webcam
Rollins-Shipley Crisis bit-player Karawynn now has a web cam -- Rob Piltz

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