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You say that like Hawaiian Punch and Vodka is a bad thing.
-- Johnnie Royale

Pigdog Journal

We're so with it, we even report on ourselves... like anybody else would.

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Oh Hey... LOOK, We Have Comments
Wow... we have comments... I mean the PDJ now allows you, our shithead readers to leave us comments. -- JRoyale

2006-08-22 review
A review of and their new product, delicious library. -- Pao Tzu


We'rrreeeee Baaaaaccccckkkkk
As you long time readers have probably figured out, the PDJ has been experiencing some "minor" technical difficulties over the past several months, which have prevented from updating our site. -- JRoyale


U.S. Navy Buckles Under Withering Fire From Pigdog Journal
Well, sometimes in this difficult journalism biz you just gotta feel like a big dumb hillbilly what doesn't know his own strength and keeps accidentally breaking chairs and staircases in his big dumb hands. You know what I'm talking about? Because, like, who'd a thunk the UNITED STATES NAVY would flee before the punishing barrage of criticism from Pigdog Journal? -- Mr. Bad


The Middle East Solution
We have a lots of discussions on the Pigdog mailing list, most of it is pretty banal and stupid. But every once in awhile a post rises up above the noise. -- JRoyale & Mr. Bad


We Got Mail
We get a lot of mail here at the Pigdog Journal World Headquarters, Pub and Fortified Compound. We used to have the energy to put it in our mai l bag, but we're too lazy for that now. Mr. Bad blames the booze, but I think we're just getting old. -- JRoyale


Life on The I-80
Our team of crack journalists went insane, and made the drive from Concord, California to Concord, New Hasmpshire on Interstate 80. Read the insightful observations of our intrepid travelers made on their journey into the heartland. -- Flesh


A Little Ditty About Mike and Diane
From the secret files of Pigdog Journal comes the long-forbidden story of a love that could not be. Mike and Diane! The teenage slut virgin fakes something something! Go see it today! -- Mr. Bad


We Scooped The Media Again!
We at Pigdog pride ourselves on being so far ahead of the mainstream media in our reporting that it can be weeks before they catch up to us, like an asthmatic fat kid being forced to run a mile in too-tight shorts. And yet again, we find ourselves throwing yet another laurel onto the ever-growing pile that we might just rest on someday. -- Flesh


Where's Pigdog?
Pigdog has been uncharacteristically quiet lately. The regular voices that keep the site abuzz have fallen still. Where are the erstwhile champions of free speech? Normally it's hard to get them to shut up. -- The Compulsive Splicer


Wild Updated Mailbag!
We have TONS of new mail in the Pigdog Mailbag for you to peruse. Everything from whiny messages from Matt Drudge, to the bewildering ramblings of drunken foreigners, to a real good screed by one of weirdo talk show host David Oates' former girlfriends (ex-fiancée apparently) who has some things to say about the recent Talk Show Wars. You don't want to miss this!! -- El Snatcher


Scoop Scoopy-Doop
With all the crazy speculating and deep musing that the Colorado massacre has every would-be essayist and journalist doing, it's not surprising that a few people would eventually make the same observation. Once all the obvious and some of the insane accusations have been made, some people are going to start looking at the bigger picture. So I wasn't too taken aback to find a Salon article echoing one of last week's Pigdog Journal stories. -- Negative Nancy


Welcome to a fucking WORLD of WONDER
After months of agony and anticipiation, we've FINALLY come to the point where we have something we WANT TO SHARE with you, our beloved public. What is it? The NEW and EVER-IMPROVING PIGDOG JOURNAL. WEE-HAW! SPOCK GOT GAME! You can even eat the DISHES. -- Mr. Bad


Emaciated Pigdog Mailbag
So far this year we haven't been getting as much feedback as we would like. We've only received one nasty letter, one threat, and barely any feedback on the stories we've been kicking down. We really appreciate the feedback you know. How else are we supposed to know what to put up? Do you like the squirrel reports? Do you want more special gardening information? What do you want? Write something... Freaks. -- El Snatcher


Terrible Ordeal -- RealVideo
A flabbergasting multimedia slide show rendition of Pigdog's encounter with mercenary Linux thugs, in evil RealVideo format! -- Pao Tzu


We're Back -- After A Terrible Ordeal!
We're back on track again. We're sorry about the lack of new content during the last couple of weeks. It's a terrible ordeal we've been through here... Thanks for sticking with us! Everyone should be glad to know that the culprits responsible for all of this are now safely in jail... -- El Snatcher


Write for The Pigdog Journal... or You Suck
Everyone reveres the Mining Company -- the great internet start-up that bottled SlashDot's formula and sold it wholesale. But things are not always what they seem. New evidence suggests The Mining Company is an evil scam, like and the Free Masons. -- El Destino

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