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I woke up at 9:00 PM yesterday, so I'm going to save my bottles of stout for this afternoon when I watch Columbo. I'm really into Columbo now.
-- Ratsnatcher


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2007-09-09 Alex Jones' "Endgame" trailer released... (YouTube)
-- El Snatcher
2006-11-13 I'm Still Here
My name is Abdur Sayed Rahman. Abdur Zahid Rahman was the deputy foreign minister of the Taliban. I was taken to this camp and they began to interrogate me. An American told me I was wrongfully taken and in a couple of days I would be free. I never saw this American again. I'm still here. -- Michael Bakunin
2006-02-17 Democrat's Annual Report
In Tucson, Arizona, Democrats took back the city council by defeating two Republican incumbents. -- Baron Earl
2005-11-16 Holy mother of fuck, the FBI are weenies
Yes, that's right -- if you notice that you're being followed and head to the police to report it, the FBI following you will arrest you, ignore the assistant DA's instructions not to charge you, and stash you in jail for half a week. For, er, nothing. 'Cuz they suck. Weenies. -- Michael Bakunin
2005-11-08 "You go to hell," President Bush screamed at the strategist. "You can leave and you can take the rest of these lily-livered motherfuckers with you!"
-- Baron Earl
2004-11-16 Free States and Slave States
-- Baron Earl
2004-09-14 Fuck the Vote!
-- Baron Earl
2004-06-19 Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change
-- Baron Earl
2003-06-08 Distorted Intelligence
They are finally starting to speculate in the mainstream press that if BushCo misused or distorted intelligence data to build their case for war, it could be an impeachable offense. -- JRoyale
2003-03-13 Daddy warns Junior about the dangers of Unilateral Action
-- Baron Earl
2002-07-29 Smoke Pot, Stay Out of Jail
-- Flesh
2002-02-13 Satan's Henchman Reveals Secret Plan for Last Days
Holy Jeebus! Some bubblehead at Applied Digital wants to implant SECRET CHIPS in the GENITALS of foreigners visiting the US to track their WHEREABOUTS. Thank God it's just for FOREIGNERS... right? -- Mr. Bad
2002-02-03 Rep. Rick Boucher on the DMCA
-- Baron Earl
2001-12-19 Suddenly N. Oakland is a beautiful place to live. 104.1 FM
Suddenly N. Oakland is a beautiful place to live. 104.1 FM -- Downer Cow
2001-07-26 What Do We Want? Free Dmitry!!! When Do We Want It? NOW!!
What Do We Want? Free Dmitry!!! When Do We Want It? NOW!!! -- JRoyale
2001-04-15 Too Stupid to be President
Too Stupid to be President. -- Baron Earl
2000-12-15 What's on Freenet Today?
-- Baron Earl
2000-06-05 Pig News Service Declares Bankruptcy. Fires Pig News Staff
-- Flesh
2000-05-11 Big Ugly Brother Strikes Again
-- Landru
2000-05-10 'Whips Don't Whip People. People Whip People'
'Whips Don't Whip People. People Whip People', a Message From the National Whip Association (NWA) -- JRoyale
2000-03-11 U.S. Wants Less Web Anonymity
-- Baron Earl
2000-03-11 Reasons to vote for anyone running against Dianne Feinstein
-- Baron Earl
2000-02-14 Hey California, Vote >>NO<< on Prop 21!
-- Flesh
2000-01-27 Waukesha To Ugly & Poor People: You Are Now Against The Law
-- Flesh
1999-12-13 Plunger Sodomizing Cop Readies Himself for New Career as
Plunger Sodomizing Cop Readies Himself for New Career as "The Bitch" of Cellblock 12 -- Flesh
1999-11-11 At 13, I would have killed for this...
At 13, I would have killed for this... A white trash drunk teacher giving me an education in the language of LOVE, and FREE BEER! He's probably pissed they got caught so soon... -- Ragboy
1999-08-18 Led Zeppelin bumper stickers PROBABLE CAUSE for a vehicular search
Konformist: New Illinois law -- Led Zeppelin bumper stickers PROBABLE CAUSE for a vehicular search... -- El Snatcher
1999-08-11 Panic Alarms and ID Badges at Columbine
-- El Snatcher
1999-08-06 Hiroshima Survivors Protest Souvenir A-Bomb Earrings
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-22 Mike Watt: He Still Jams Econo
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-20 Imminent Chinese takeover of the Panama Canal
Imminent Chinese takeover of the Panama Canal... -- El Snatcher
1999-07-08 BBC: Countries in Middle East and North Africa now blocking politically sensitive web sites. (Net pornography used as excuse!)
BBC: Countries in Middle East and North Africa now blocking politically sensitive web sites. (Net pornography used as excuse!) -- El Snatcher
1999-06-10 Bush campaign bullies web sites off the Internet
-- El Snatcher




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