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The only questions worth asking today are whether humans are going to have any emotions tomorrow, and what the quality of life will be if the answer is no.
-- Lester Bangs


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1999-07-28 Crazy KPFA Protest Pictures!
1999-07-18 Art Bell Intimidates Montana Service Provider?
1999-07-14 Pacifica Board Ousts KPFA Staff; Hammers Down on Protesters
1999-07-13 Pacifica Radio and KPFA in BLOOD FEUD
1999-07-10 Earth Changes TV (ECTV) Covers the Talk Show Wars
1999-07-09 Art Bell Fires a Warning Shot Across the Pigdog Bow?
1999-07-08 Talk Show Wars Spin-Doctoring Backfires
1999-07-02 Talk Show Host Blames Downfall on Chatroom Vixens
1999-06-30 Radio Talk Show Host Hits Below the Belt
1999-06-17 Paranoid Talk Show Host Hides From Art Bell Fans In Montana Bunker
1999-06-04 Jerry Springer May Defect to England
1999-05-30 Pay No Attention to the Matt Behind the Curtain
1999-05-28 Drudge to Art Bell Fans: Bait, Then Switch
1999-05-28 Art Bell Releases Vicious Attack Lawyer
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1999-05-22 Is Someone Trying to Silence Art Bell?
1999-04-30 Talk Show Wars
1999-04-27 Crazy Art Bell Knockoffs
1998-12-07 UK Takes Lead In Bestiality
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1998-11-03 Erich Von Daniken On Art Bell!

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2003-01-11 Bushism
-- Eugene Leitl
2002-06-13 The Official History of BART
-- Baron Earl
2002-04-19 British Media Still Obsessed With Oasis For Some Reason
-- Tjames Madison
2001-01-12 Audio Interview with Art Bell (Stupid MS Media Player only)
Audio Interview with Art Bell (Stupid MS Media Player only) -- Art talks about his return to the air on February 5th, and his new monster RV! -- El Snatcher
2000-11-13 ABC Cans Drudge
ABC Cans Annoying Internet Muckracker Drudge's Radio Show. -- JRoyale
1999-08-05 Art Bell claims threats from former guests...
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-19 Crazy hacker magazine 2600 covers KPFA protests!
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-14 AP: Free speech uproar at Calif. public radio station
AP: Free speech uproar at Calif. public radio station (About last night's KPFA protest. Puts arrest number at 40.) -- El Snatcher
1999-07-10 Shadie-Pines II -- A list of links to resources about the Talk Show Wars (Geocities)
Shadie-Pines II -- A list of links to resources about the Talk Show Wars (Geocities) -- El Snatcher
1999-07-07 German Talk Show Hosts Under SIEGE!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-07 Another good site tracking the Talk Show Wars story (Now that shadie-pines.com has been taken down, this is the best source for up-to-the-minute coverage.)
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-16 Good Morning America Interview With Art Bell's lawyer About the 'Conspiracy' to Smear Art Bell.
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-09 Missoulian: St. Ignatius man wages war of the words (Robert A. M. Stephens says Bell Lawsuit an attempt to intimidate ISPs, and stifle criticism of topics covered on Art's show).
-- Flesh
1999-05-27 New Art Bell talk show wars site
New Art Bell Talk Show Wars Site -- El Snatcher




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