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In conclusion, you're all gay and I hate rock and roll.
-- Mr. Bad

The Green Goddess

Liquor is quicker, but Absinthe makes you see funny things.

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Caesar's Palace show combines glitz, tits, and Absinthe
Combine "Roman Plaza", "speakeasy", "beer garden", "drinking games", "theater-in-the-round", "mirrors", "stained glass" and "velvet" with "Adult Show" and "90-minute performance" and you get the latest entertainment experience "Absinthe" from Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. -- Baron Earl


802.11b and Absinthe
It was the night of the Leonid meteor showers -- the perfect opportunity to break out the evil opaline liquor, get madder than hatters, and test wireless ethernet hardware... Would the plunging meteorites interfere with the 2.4GHz band? What about our delicate brain waves? -- El Snatcher


Absinthia: The Pigdog Interview
Absinthe is making a come back for the Millennium. Even English people are slurping it down in pubs, eschewing their normal, healthy stouts and ales. And why not? Hell, if the planet is going to explode anyway, why not ride the DEATH WAVE in, and celebrate Y2K with the most entertaining and vicious elixir you can find? Come! Explore the "Absinthe Underground" with El Snatcher, Mr. Bad, and Splicer, as they interview the notorious absinthe bootlegger, Absinthia. -- El Snatcher, Mr. Bad


The English Are Crazy For Absinthe!!!!
Starting tomorrow, the preferred beverage of syphilitic poets and green-haired Burning Man freakers alike will be available in liquor shops across the Kingdom. A Prague-based producer apparently just noticed that England never actually got into the absinthe in the first place, much less the legalistic backlash that banned it from most other European nations at the turn of the century, so it's perfectly legal there. Their new campaign is even declaring the green hallucinogenic to be the "drink of the new Millennium". -- ICBINJ

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Absinthe documentary -- Baron Earl

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