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In this field I am a little short on ignorance, but I've got a surplus of apathy.
-- The Compulsive Splicer

Fishin' With Tjames

Arrr! I'm a pirate! Come fish with me!

Pigdog Journal Articles


Elegy For an Elegant Bastard
All this talk about death, wakes and Moloch recently has, frankly, got me a little worried. What if I'm next to go? I could slip on a wet banana peel and slam my head against an enormous brass statue at almost any time. I'm not planning well enough for this sort of thing. Who will talk for me when this terrible day comes? -- Tjames Madison


A Fragmented Memory Regarding a Bearfight
Then there was that time when the huge hillbilly fought a doped-up bear. Author's note: I'm almost positive this really happened! -- Tjames Madison


Who Wants to Be a Pimp?
Extreme pimpin' under pressure ... how to tell a playa from a sucka ... keeping your hoes under control ... tips for mackin' success from Pigdog's own Terrordrone. -- Tjames Madison


The Stuff I Am Bringing to Burning Man '99
First time out it's a list; so what? Just read the thing. -- Tjames Madison

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