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-- Johnnie Royale


Eat the Interlingvo

Learn everything you never wanted to know about the International Language, Esperanto. Anyone who has ever read any science fiction knows that Esperanto is the official language of Bad People of the Future. In space, huge bio-robots taunt you in Esperanto before they stab you in the heart with a laser drill.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2002-10-11 tenpo kama la mi toki pona
2000-12-28 eLibrejo - La "e" Signifas "Esperanto"
2000-12-20 They Need to Add "Bujholej" and "Gargar'!"
2000-11-01 Esperanto for Bad Swingers of the Future
2000-10-18 Excellent Internet Radio in Esperanto!
2000-01-28 Linux + Esperanto = A Winning Combination!
1999-11-21 Zamenhofa Bluso
1999-10-19 Lernu la lingvon internacian, fekachkalkano!
1999-06-11 Crazy News in Esperanto
1999-05-12 Je Lumrapideco Kvin, Sinjoro Sulu

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2002-05-06 Esperanto -- The Aggressor Language
-- El Snatcher
2002-04-07 Esperanto needs more bad people!
-- El Snatcher
1999-12-26 Another Esperanto Course
Hey, it's another beginner's Esperanto course on the Web. This one is more conversational and phrasey and shit. -- Mr. Bad
1999-12-26 Under Construction
An excellent history of constructed languages. Don Harlow ROCKS. -- Mr. Bad



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