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I know it's terribly outre to imply that the constitution and its amendments might actually mean what they say. I apologize. I'm just a simple man.
-- P A U L


Quantum Deepfried Electro-Diddle

OK, so let's get real here: the reason we're all together in one place is because we like to dick around with computers. Like, FOR DAYS AT A TIME. So, this is dickety-stuff that you can program or hack or what have you.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2003-06-02 New Twist on Searching for New Twist
2003-05-18 40 Acres, a Mule, and a Crummy 90-Second Spot on Weekend Update
2002-04-22 Quantum Deep-Fried Electrodiddle If I Ever Saw It
2001-01-06 She's Crafty
2000-10-05 Excellent Forth Magazine Online
2000-10-05 I Guess Athletic Robots Must Wear Cups
2000-03-13 Free to Be You and Me
2000-01-24 Jazilla R0XX
2000-01-11 There Ain't No Justice; It's Just .us
2000-01-10 Doom Interface
2000-01-06 Yet Another Crazy OS That Never Went Anywhere
1999-12-08 Emacs dot org! Coolio!
1999-11-02 Keep Your Quake III; I'll Just Play Zangband
1999-10-24 RARS! Sounds Like "GARS!"
1999-10-03 LEARN FORTH
1999-08-14 understand? if insane you ! then
1999-08-12 Let GNU Privacy Guard Cover Your Ass
1999-08-10 Coolio VNC! It's the MAN
1999-06-28 program a little robot
1999-06-18 Baby Got Track!
1999-06-17 I Never Metadata I Didn't Like
1999-06-12 Schemes and Plots

Offsite Links

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2006-03-01 Quantum Computer Solves Problem Without Running
-- Baron Earl
2002-12-23 GNU Radio, Baby!
-- Arkuat
2002-11-05 janchor is cool
Janchor is cool. Receive RSS updates by Jabber! That's so cool. -- Mr. Bad
2002-07-29 Something my friend worked on
Coolio new game from George Pucas coming out this Spring. Check it out! -- Miss Conduct
2002-06-24 Post-whale Extropian Hippy Porn
2001-10-16 Lego Starwars Trilogy
-- JRoyale
2001-07-22 The Flex Keyboard
The Flex Keyboard. You have to see it to believe it. -- Baron Earl
2001-07-15 MP3 Patch For nmap
MP3 Patch For nmap: Port Scan With a Soundtrack And Pretend You're In A Hacker Movie -- Dkr. Armand Geddyn
2001-06-23 Lisp Is Faster Than C++ and Java
Lisp: provably faster than Java and C++. Coolio on that! -- Mr. Bad
2001-06-21 Man's Periodic Table of the Elements
-- Baron Earl
2001-02-02 Electron Band Structure In Germanium, My Ass
-- Baron Earl
2000-02-10 World's Greatest ASCII description
Man, this is the greatest! More than you never wanted to know about the history of computer code systems (like ASCII). -- Mr. Bad
1999-10-20 Overclock your pocket calculator
Be a true nerd! Overclock your pocket calculator! -- Flesh
1999-08-21 New Report: British Schoolchildren Soft, Pasty. Like, No Shit.
-- Tjames Madison
1999-08-07 NME: Ken Kesey on the Road Again With Merry Pranksters. Gross!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-08-04 Coolio Annotated XML Spec
If you read the XML spec as much as I do, you'll think this annotated version -- with comments by Tim Bray -- is really really cool. -- Mr. Bad
1999-06-28 Understanding Comics and the Web
Cool interview in Web Review with Scott McCloud, author of "Understanding Comics", just about the coolest book about graphics + text ever. -- Mr. Bad




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