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Three words: LITERALIST FUCKHEAD DONUTS. You've been eating too many and you have literalist fuckhead jelly all over your literalist fuckhead face.
-- Mr. Bad

Quantum Deepfried Electro-Diddle

OK, so let's get real here: the reason we're all together in one place is because we like to dick around with computers. Like, FOR DAYS AT A TIME. So, this is dickety-stuff that you can program or hack or what have you.

Pigdog Journal Articles


New Twist on Searching for New Twist
When was the last time some company produced a new Search Engine and you actually gave a shit? -- Baron Earl


40 Acres, a Mule, and a Crummy 90-Second Spot on Weekend Update
Consider the plight of the Black Man. The Black Man on "Saturday Night Live," I mean. Has there ever been a more pathetic thing than a token unredeemed for 28 years? Where is the NAACP when you really need them? -- Frankenstein Jones


Quantum Deep-Fried Electrodiddle If I Ever Saw It
So I saw this news article titled "Hydrogel-Based Nanoparticles Make Photonic Crystals." And I have no real idea what any of those words mean, but I think I really like them. -- Siduri


She's Crafty
Dig: it's called "Craft." It's a game like Warcraft, except it's not Warcraft and there ain't no orcs and shit. And it runs on Linux and it has little smart people that do smart things. It's fun and I like to play games so good. -- Mr. Bad


Excellent Forth Magazine Online
Man, the Forth Interest Group (FIG) of the UK (U) is really pretty damn on top of things. Not only has their Web site been updated like 30 million times since the last update of, but they also publish their newsletter, "Forthwrite," on the Web. Which, like, coolio, eh? -- Mr. Bad


I Guess Athletic Robots Must Wear Cups
Excellent! Are the Olympics over yet? I wasn't really paying attention, because I've been RIVETED by the TRUE FASCINATING trials and tribulations of the 22nd Century's greatest athletes, the simubots who participate in the ROBOCUP TWO THOUSAND! -- Mr. Bad


Free to Be You and Me
So, here's the diddly-d0: the once titanic BeOS is now moving into the same boring space as other also-rans like SCO. They're going to be giving away the new version of their interesting operating system to all comers. Yippee for that! -- Mr. Bad


Jazilla R0XX
Speaking of JAVUR, how bout that there JAZILLA? It's a Mozilla browser, written in JAVUR. Talk about your SHITHOUSE CRAZY SCHEMES. -- Mr. Bad


There Ain't No Justice; It's Just .us
Sure, the big ol' new DNS TLD rules mean that you can get a dumb ol' DOT COM from any of a number of big dickhead entrepreneur company. But did you know you can get a domain for FREE or ALMOST FREE from the coolio .us NIC? I bet you didn't. Well you should get one! -- Mr. Bad


Doom Interface
Okay, I think maybe someone is trying a little too hard with this one, but it's still a cool concept. Someone has implemented a thing for managing process load using Doom. No, really. -- Miles Standish


Yet Another Crazy OS That Never Went Anywhere
Oberon is this TOTALLY BITCHEN light-weight, highly portable operating system. It roxx like roxx in a boxx, or something. But it never went anywhere. What's up with that? -- Mr. Bad


Emacs dot org! Coolio!
Wow! Everybody's superfavorite editor now has its own fabulous community Web site! This is so great! Everyone should dig this! -- Mr. Bad


Keep Your Quake III; I'll Just Play Zangband
Yeah, I know, I know. First-person shooters and real-time strategy games are big, Big, BIG! But I've got ADD and I get bored easy. Walking around a maze and shooting at the same 4 monsters over and over gets old quick. To keep me challenged, interested, and excited, man, I GOT to have a good Rogue-like game. And Zangband is the best. -- Mr. Bad


RARS! Sounds Like "GARS!"
It's so cool! Robot auto racing simulations! Rocking the HOUSE, baybee! -- Mr. Bad


dewdz! I finally found a good Forth tutorial on the WEB! Praise be to Jesus! -- Mr. Bad


understand? if insane you ! then
I believe it was Ken "The Snake" Stabler who said, "I'm ashamed to live in a country where white slavers and drug smugglers go to jail, yet Forth programmers are allowed to walk the streets as free men." I concur! have been investigating the world's most BAD CRAZY programming language: FORTH, and I must say, it's REALLY GODDAMN EVIL. -- Mr. Bad


Let GNU Privacy Guard Cover Your Ass
d00d, you HAVE to get GPG! The Age of Encryption is here! If you don't get some GPG, your VIRTUAL ASS will be hanging out in the WIND! -- Mr. Bad


Coolio VNC! It's the MAN
All right, I know that remote-access software is not only insecure and bloatacious, but it's also REALLY OLD and BORING technology. But I don't CARE! I love VNC! -- Mr. Bad


program a little robot
OK, so, maybe the people who say that Free Software is, like, 30-year-old technology kinda have a point. Because this GNURobots game is, like, real real real real low tech. And unless you're a total HACK-crazed maniac, it's gonna bore you to tears. -- Mr. Bad


Baby Got Track!
Johnny Royale loves his Trackman ultra pointer thingy. It's coolio! Read all about it! -- JRoyale


I Never Metadata I Didn't Like
The Dublin Core sounds like a really cool Irish drum-and-bass group or something. But it's not! It's a crazy ass metadata specification for EVERYTHING on the Web. Crazy! -- Mr. Bad


Schemes and Plots
Dig it: XML is funky fat. Everybody knows this. But you can't DO anything with it unless you got a SCHEMA. You got a SCHEMA? I thought not. So, check out -- Mr. Bad

Offsite links shared by staff writers


GNU Radio, Baby! -- Arkuat


janchor is cool
Janchor is cool. Receive RSS updates by Jabber! That's so cool. -- Mr. Bad


Something my friend worked on
Coolio new game from George Pucas coming out this Spring. Check it out! -- Miss Conduct




The Flex Keyboard -- Baron Earl


MP3 Patch For nmap -- Dkr. Armand Geddyn


Lisp Is Faster Than C++ and Java
Lisp: provably faster than Java and C++. Coolio on that! -- Mr. Bad



World's Greatest ASCII description
Man, this is the greatest! More than you never wanted to know about the history of computer code systems (like ASCII). -- Mr. Bad


Overclock your pocket calculator
Be a true nerd! Overclock your pocket calculator! -- Flesh


Coolio Annotated XML Spec
If you read the XML spec as much as I do, you'll think this annotated version -- with comments by Tim Bray -- is really really cool. -- Mr. Bad


Understanding Comics and the Web
Cool interview in Web Review with Scott McCloud, author of "Understanding Comics", just about the coolest book about graphics + text ever. -- Mr. Bad

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