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I took a Career Guidance test in high school. I checked off that I hated everything, but that working outside was tolerable. The computer software suggested that I become a Postal Carrier.
-- Baron Earl

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Robotic Red Light District on the move
The next time you take a robotaxi in San Francisco, you may want to bring along some wet wipes, because San Franciscans love to get down and dirty in The City's robotaxis. With no driver to admonish you, or clean up after you, anything goes in the backseats of these love nests on wheels. -- Baron Earl


When Martin Left Lewis
Last week was the anniversary of the last time Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin appeared as an act. 67 years ago, as the show ended at New York's Copacabana Club, "Dean threw his arm around Jerry, pulled him toward him, hugged him," remembers one biographer. "The joint was in an uproar. It was the biggest night in the club's history.

"There was no encore. Dean took one aisle away from the stage, Jerry took another." -- El Destino


It's Saturday Morning. Watch Some Half-Century Old Cartoons
"Grandpa, tell us what TV was like half a century ago?"

"Well, sometimes things got really weird...." -- El Destino


Remembering 'Troubled' Former Disney Star Tommy Kirk
You know him as the Disney child actor who shot Ol' Yeller and turned into The Shaggy Dog. On the Mickey Mouse Club, he'd played one of The Hardy Boys. But in 1950s Disney America, Tommy Kirk had a mysterious secret all his own. He was gay. -- El Destino


V for Vendetta: Springtime for Revolution
In the "New Deal" that has had Hollywood engaged in a pornographic submission to the whims of the Bush administration, Warner Brothers pulled V for Vendetta after the London tube bombings last summer. The film was to be relegated to the "loss" column in the annual shareholders report. More collateral damage in the War On Terror. -- Reverend CyberSatan


Michael Moore R0X0RZ
Well, shitfire, man. We really haven't had a lot of WAR NEWS on the ol' PDJ of late, what with it being so mind-bogglingly insane and incomprehensible and wrong and foul. But the OSCARZ, well, y'know, that's a WHOLE NOTHER ISSUE, man. Whole nother deal indeed. -- Mr. Bad


Script revision for A New Hope
To address pesky continuity errors, George Lucas' army of clone screenwriters have has revised a few scenes for the Special Limited 26th Anniversary Collector's Edition of "Star Wars IV: A New Hope". I think that's the one where Spock throws the Ring Of Power into the Hellmouth or something. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it... many Bothans died to bring us this information. -- ICBINJ


High School Confidential
Heroin! Pot! And Jerry Lee Lewis! This campy 50s movie turns your VCR into a drive-in.... -- El Destino


The Parkway Theater Rox Like Sox in a Box!
Last week I made my first pilgrimage to the Parkway Theater in Oakland, California to see American Pimp. I think I have found Movie Theater Nirvana! -- Baron Earl


The Blair Witch Project: Feelgood Movie of the Year?
Goddamn it all! Those bastards stole my BRAIN! I don't know if I'll even be able to finish this review! FUCKERS! -- Tjames Madison

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Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield
The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield -- El Destino


Snootchie Bootchies
Get the Jay and Silent Bob action figure. Geronimo FUCK! -- Mr. Bad


Where It's At -- Mr. Bad


Pokemon de-constructed -- El Destino


Blair Family Circus
FUCK! Those guys at Brunching Shuttlecocks, are funny, man. You gots to check out "Blair Witch Family Circus Project." -- Mr. Bad

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