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I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, That's as good as they're going to feel all day.
-- Frank Sinatra


Crazy But True
Life is crazier than fiction...

Pigdog Journal Articles

2017-01-20 Rock & Roll Grandma in a Solo Cup
2002-04-05 Norway Government Caves to Student Partying
2002-02-26 Gay Penguin Entertainers Must Not Pander to Stereotypes
2002-02-06 The Weekly World News Hates You
2001-12-04 Our Wacky Women and "That Time of the Month"
2001-08-04 Jet-powered Beer Cooler
2001-05-12 The Old Mine
2001-03-18 Trouble in Beaver County
2000-10-30 President Strom Thrumond?
2000-10-25 Enormous Expanded Raccoon Testicles: Oh My!
2000-10-16 $100 Million for a Bike Lane
2000-06-28 Have Rocket, Will Travel
2000-05-06 Howdy Doody in Huge Paternity Suit
2000-04-27 Be Ye Carefule Among The English Links, Jebadiah.
2000-04-13 Wizards & Bears & Crazy Hillbillies In Hotrods, Oh My!
2000-03-25 Screamin' Jay Hawkins: He's My DAD
2000-03-22 Britsh Royalty Caught in Hair Cheese Scandal!
2000-03-21 So Close... and Yet...
2000-03-08 Give Them The (rotting) Finger!
2000-02-24 Woody Allen was RIGHT
2000-01-31 Zdravstvuite! Menia Zovut Stumpy
2000-01-23 Thus Spake Zarathustra!
2000-01-19 Scottish Government Wants Gay Sex Lessons in Schools!
2000-01-09 World's Most Fucked-with Little Boy Gets More Shit Dumped on Him
1999-12-22 Midget "Shortage" Strikes Britain!
1999-12-10 Newsflash! The Earth Revolves!
1999-12-01 Steve McQueen Returns from the Dead... and He's Black
1999-11-19 It's What's For Dinner!
1999-11-09 Bad night to be a Protestant Ninja
1999-10-20 Mental patients to get the vote in England
1999-09-10 The Dust is Watching Me!
1999-08-30 Grampa, what did you do in the war?
1999-08-25 I Can't Believe It's Not Jesus!
1999-08-21 Save the Orange Show!
1999-08-20 Crazy African Bug Shoots Acid Out of It's Arse!!
1999-07-12 An Elvis Cult Miracle
1999-06-30 Banana Baffles British Boffins
1999-06-16 British Man Dies in Freak Gardening Accident
1999-06-16 No Refund for Dead Subway Rider
1999-06-12 Army Bewitched
1999-06-09 Crazy Epidemic in Great Britain
1999-06-09 Big Fat Man Falls Out of Roller Coaster
1999-06-04 Pop Singer to Lead NATO Peace Talks in Balkans
1999-06-03 Would You Like a Bible With That Beer?

Offsite Links

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2019-05-17 Crazy bitcoin-trading "seasteader" forced to run by the Thai government
-- El Destino
2011-03-05 'Sexting' and other gibberish now official words
-- Daemon Agent
2007-08-27 Dwarf glued penis to Hoover
-- Baron Earl
2006-09-27 My opponent pays teenagers to watch porn with probes connected to their genitalia
-- El Destino
2006-03-03 Thomas Edison Kills Elephant: Film at 11
In 1903, Thomas A. Edison, inventor of the light bulb, electrocuted an elephant to death. For some reason, he filmed the event and showed the clip often at lectures. Did you know that Edison was an elephant-killing rat bastard? Because he was. -- LiquorPig
2006-03-01 Which ancient leader are you?
-- Baron Earl
2003-03-15 Herobuilders
Action heroes for modern times. -- Miss Conduct
2003-03-14 French Disconnection Act of 2003
-- Baron Earl
2002-12-23 Vampire Hysteria Causes Bloody Brawls in Malawi
-- Baron Earl
2002-12-20 Maybe Sylvia Is Right
Those Crazy Cloning Canadians! -- Miss Conduct
2002-09-26 Everyone else will leave because of the smell...
-- Baron Earl
2002-05-28 Moral of this story... Don't fart in during an operation
Moral of this story: Don't fart in during an operation -- JRoyale
2002-04-09 Nixon Running for Office
Richard M. Nixon running for Alabama State Agriculture Commissioner -- JRoyale
2002-04-02 George Lucas is going to slowly burn in the deepest pit in hell for this.
-- Flesh
2002-04-02 Please don't eat the dog
-- Flesh
2001-11-26 The sickest craft project ever.
-- Brytown
2001-11-19 Butt Breathing Tuttles
-- JRoyale
2001-11-06 Lyndon LaRouche says
Lyndon LaRouche says "GOD HAS BLESSED ME!" -- JRoyale
2001-10-28 Thinking of vacationing in Zambia? Just don't.
-- Downer Cow
2001-10-12 Drunken Afghan diplomat flashes two women
-- El Destino
2001-10-11 Announcing Wonderbum for Women Desiring Pert Cheeks
-- JRoyale
2001-07-25 Cut Off My Feet . com
-- El Destino
2001-06-12 Need an energy boost? Try canned "Gozilla Meat"
Need an energy boost? Try canned "Gozilla Meat" and you'll be stomping for hours. -- JRoyale
2001-06-04 Icky Icky Piss Swilling!
-- Negative Nancy
2001-06-02 Parents buy 16-year-old daughter larger breasts
-- El Destino
2001-05-19 Real pictures of a C204 Gravity Distortion Time Displacement Unit from the year 2035.
-- El Snatcher
2001-02-22 Guilty of Exercising Unnatural Behavior
-- JRoyale
2001-01-20 The Ultimate Taxi
Holy cripes! Crazy fucking DRUGHEAD taxi in Aspen, CO with wireless Webcam. It's insane! I wanna go to Aspen! I want a citywide Wireless LAN here in SF, too. -- Mr. Bad
2000-12-08 Ancient Egyptian Treasures In The Grand Canyon?
-- El Snatcher
2000-12-08 Yeti@Home
YETI@Home is a scientific experiment that harnesses the power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the search for giant ape-like creatures (YETI). -- El Snatcher
2000-12-06 McDonald's tries to make better food than KFC
-- Baron Earl
2000-12-06 Poop Transfusion
-- Baron Earl
2000-11-08 SF Firefighters Give Dot-Com Yuppster Exactly What He Deserves.
-- Flesh
2000-10-28 Cybernetic Parrot Sausage
The fact that "Cybernetic Parrot Sausage" is not some fhreaky 60s psychedelic band, but an actual CYBERNETIC PARROT SAUSAGE, is just too cool for words. I mean, truth in advertising, for once, eh? -- Mr. Bad
2000-10-26 An index of all things Galactican and Republican
An index of all things Galactican and Republican. Two great tastes that go together? -- JRoyale
2000-10-26 Pat Buchanan Slurps Infant Brains Through Skull
EXCLUSIVE: Pat Buchanan drills hole in skull of infant, sucks out soft unformed brain matter! -- Mr. Bad
2000-10-16 CEO Wealth Meter
-- Baron Earl
2000-10-16 Seven Golden Rules for Building Community
Seven Golden Rules for Building Community. -- Baron Earl
2000-09-28 Jim Morrison May Lose Lease... on his Grave
Jim Morrison May Lose Lease... on his Grave. -- Baron Earl
2000-09-21 Clone Jesus!
-- Baron Earl
2000-09-16 The eBike- The Triple Java Powered Computer Bike
-- Flesh
2000-09-16 Please Be Much Notice Our Mastery Of Engrish
-- Flesh
2000-09-16 MC Hawking- The OG Rapper
-- Flesh
2000-09-16 Ben & Jerry Help Clean Up The Enviroment, By Making You Eat Dioxon!
-- Flesh
2000-09-16 Damn! Why Wasn't This Available When I Got Hitched In Vegas?
-- Flesh
2000-09-07 Dog food ads from New Zealand
Kiwis have greater tolerance for humor in their dog food. -- The Compulsive Splicer
2000-08-25 Britney Spears Is Smarter That You
-- Flesh
2000-08-25 Why Vets Are *Really* Going Back Over To Viet Nam.
Why Viet Nam Vets Are *Really* Going Back Over -- Flesh
2000-08-25 Would You Let Ron Jeremy Fuck You In The Ass For $3,000? How About $5,000?
-- Flesh
2000-08-25 Fred Phelps says Billy Graham Will Burn In Hell For Acting Like A Christian.
-- Flesh
2000-08-25 Too Lazy To Read A Book? Too Lazy To Listen To some Schmuck Reading A Book? Then This Is For You.
-- Flesh
2000-08-17 Kurt Cobain haunts my laptop
-- El Destino
2000-07-28 BENEVOLENCE
BENEVOLENCE - A Support Network for Objectivists in Serious Trouble. And those who wish to help. -- Baron Earl
2000-06-28 "Crazy" Larry Ellison Hires Private Dicks To Watch Microsoft.
-- Flesh
2000-06-20 England (The Country Who Gave Us Canadia) Now So Hopelessly Inbred, They Can't Even Eat Shit Correctly.
England (The Country Who Gave Us Canadia) Now So Inbred, They Can't Even Eat Shit Correctly. -- Flesh
2000-05-28 Italy Invades Sweden
Feather-Headed Italian Soldiers Invade Sweden -- JRoyale
2000-05-06 Honey, I Think That There is a Shark in the Basement
-- JRoyale
2000-05-05 I'm for nude dancing and flag burning... so I must be an elitist, leading a cultural coup d'etat
I'm for nude dancing and flag burning... so I must be an elitist, leading a cultural coup d'etat. -- JRoyale
2000-04-09 Demos straight from the bowels of hell
-- Flesh
2000-04-05 King of Africa
Man, how depressing. This guy is the same age as Tjames, and he's King of Africa or some shit. I fucking hate overachievers. -- Mr. Bad
2000-03-11 Batboy escapes from scientist's clutches... AGAIN!
-- Baron Earl
2000-02-08 Randolph Mantooth Has a Posse
-- Tjames Madison
1999-12-08 Wanna Buy Some Blood? How About Some Hormones?
-- Flesh
1999-08-24 AP: Drunk Cop Crashes Chevy Citation Into Aztec Temple
-- El Snatcher
1999-08-24 AP: Naked Ghosts Scaring Iraqi Drivers
-- El Snatcher
1999-08-18 French fatten pigs and poultry with sewage!
UK Times: Major health risk -- disgusting French fatten pigs and poultry with sewage! -- El Snatcher
1999-08-06 World's Oldest Goldfish Has Kicked the Bucket!! Tish the Fish Dead at 43!
World's Oldest Goldfish Has Kicked the Bucket!! Fish Dead at 43! -- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-08-04 World's Largest Penis Flower Blooms with Scent of Rotting Flesh!!
World's Largest Penis Flower Blooms with Scent of Rotting Flesh!! -- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-08-03 Japanese Use Mechanical BUTT to Test Car Seats!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-16 Yet Another Crazy Brit Fails to Storm Buckingham Palace
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-15 Subterranea Britannica
Subterranea Britannica -- devoted the the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places. -- El Snatcher
1999-07-15 Exploding BEER BOTTLES Confound, Alarm Chinese Citizens!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-13 Reuters: Preschooler Takes Toy Truck For Highway Joyride
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-12 NandoTimes: Here comes the bride, formerly the groom, and vice versa!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-07-08 Colombia's Ugly Pageant!! You can check out the contestants!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-07-07 Latest offering from Japanese vending machines: filthy insects
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-29 Real Life Oceans 11 Caper Plays Out in Vegas
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-28 Russian's build goofy looking flying saucer for world to laugh at!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-16 Man Arrested For Hitting Girlfriend With Fish
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-15 Catholic Saint of the Internet!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-12 Giant Space Disco Ball!!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-11 "Hey Whiskas": Athlete Changes Name to Cat Food Brand
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-10 Fecal Explosions Rock Honduran Capital
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-10 Journal Sentinel: Two-Headed Piglet Stolen
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-08 Reuters: Mother Castrates Son For Medicine?
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-08 BBC: Needle found in baby's kidney
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-03 UK Times: Swamp safari seeks living brontosaurus
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-03 Reuters: Norwegian woman uses cleavage to incubate bird...
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-03 UK Times: Lost continent found under the ocean...
-- El Snatcher
1999-05-26 UK Independent: Vast Maya city found -- with 10 pyramids!
-- El Snatcher



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