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The OpenBSD client is faster than Rosie O'Donnell going for a donut.
-- Ratsnatcher


Cackles of the Mad Reverend
Weird ramblings from Reverend Cybersatan, recorded at random intervals

The Reverend has his own tweaked point of view. For some reason we're still allowed to publish it.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2007-06-29 CIA "Family Jewels" More Like "Numb Nuts"
2006-11-28 Bring Out Your Damned!
2006-10-02 Fuck This!
2006-09-09 Forest Behind the Tree
2006-09-01 Brother, Can You Spare a Backbone?
2006-04-11 U Laugh Now, But...
2006-03-07 Bush UpChucks on Subcontinent
2006-02-10 What Ludicrous Bullshit
2005-07-14 Bush Brain in Critical Condition
2005-06-23 “This Land Is My Land” – Ha, Sucker!
2005-04-14 Real Tourists Don't Wear Black
2005-02-25 Get Up, Gonzo!
2004-12-16 Cock on the Block Cops Out
2003-07-01 Another Hit By The Supremes
2003-06-23 Goose, Gander; Gander, Goose
2003-06-15 Peace, or Nothing Like It
2003-04-27 Presenting: The Madonna, Mark XII
2003-04-05 Under God Or Else
2003-03-19 Dixie Chicks No Rebels
2003-01-27 More Lard With My Coke, Please
2002-12-20 Pack It In!
2002-05-04 The Love Daddy
2002-04-29 Bring Me Jango
2002-04-18 The New American Standard
2002-04-02 Bad House, Good Tea
2001-11-14 Market Karma
2001-10-15 Jeez, Take the Train
2001-10-15 CNN S&M
2001-06-27 Is Not This Rave a Crackhouse?
2001-05-12 Dr. Flufflay, or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the Marina"
2000-12-22 Cultural Terrorism: Homestyle
2000-11-16 Walk Among Us: The Blonde Clone Invasion Stops Here



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