Oh, definitely fuck with SVNC.
-- Pao Tzu


Beaujolais, Baby!

Beaujolais is REAL CRAZY CHEAP FRENCH WINE. It's also the Pigdog love call: "Beaujolais, Baby!" We toast to you, our friends!

Pigdog Journal Articles

2011-03-01 Beaujolais named French wine of the year
2001-11-14 Now in new 'impish' flavor!
2001-02-12 Milk Sucks. Got Beer?
2000-11-15 Beaujolais Nouveau! Need I Say More?!
1999-11-17 BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU, my friend!
1999-11-11 Keep 'Em Coming!
1999-06-11 Hide the 'Shine Ma - Here Come the Revenuers
1999-06-10 Haughty Frogs Exposed as Cheap Wine Guzzlers
1998-11-18 Happy Beaujolais Day, Baby!

Offsite Links

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2011-03-07 French biomedical firm uses Beaujolais Nouveau to create an anti-bacterial coating for their implants
-- Baron Earl
2011-03-03 Wine ATM
-- JRoyale
2005-04-26 Can crusher from hell
-- Master Squid
2002-11-23 Slate uncovers the fact that Beaujolais Nouveau is good for a cheap drunk
-- Baron Earl
2002-03-02 Healing Wounds After the Big One
Stop and smell the goddamn roses, people! -- Miss Conduct
2001-12-19 It's good to have goals
When 900 years drunk you be, look this good you will not. -- Negative Nancy
1999-09-26 So, these Russian Journalist Guys are Pretty Funny! Or Maybe It's Just the Vodka I'm Drinking!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-28 Pulque! POOL-kay! Yay! Cactus beer for all my friends!!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny




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