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Bad People
The repository for Bad People of the Future.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2019-07-04 Dangerous Drone Do's and Don'ts
2007-06-08 Free Paris!
2004-09-27 The Chicken Man Votes, Do You?
2004-02-03 Bush Lied
2004-02-01 Spreading the word one frothy and consensual ass at a time.
2002-11-03 The Devil Is In The Detail
2002-10-01 Is that uranium in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
2002-07-26 County Politico Fingers Helpful Hax0r, Sysadmin in Wireless Breach
2002-05-25 Goths vs. Dieters in the Streets of Montréal
2002-05-17 A Girl's Best Friend
2002-05-15 My Only Regret
2002-04-23 Deep Throat's Last Sigh
2002-04-19 You Say Potato, I Say Skank
2002-02-13 Bizarro Olympic Hijiacking Arrest
2002-01-21 Let Elvis Come Inside Of You
2002-01-05 Leisure Suit Osama
2001-11-21 My Loser-Fu is Unstoppable!
2001-10-18 Porking bin Laden
2001-09-28 Vegas hosts $60 million loser -- plus four hijackers
2001-09-12 WTC Plume Visible from Space
2001-06-15 Great News for Fag-bashers!
2001-04-02 San Francisco: A Tale of Two Office Markets
2000-10-31 VoteSwap2000 Ordered Off the Net by Cal. State Sec
2000-10-13 Boring Gore Nearly Talks Boy to Death
2000-08-31 Australian Head Smuggling: No End in Sight!
2000-08-25 The Man With The Golden Tongue
2000-08-23 She Just Doesn't Understand
2000-06-22 I don't wanna know how this turns out
2000-06-14 Woman Who Framed Jim Goad is Behind Bars- For Assault
2000-05-24 Ragboy, Ragboy, Wutchyagonna Do?
2000-05-19 The Sordid World of Underground Origami
2000-05-16 Shootout at the Cyberbuss Corral
2000-05-09 GAR - More Bad People of the Past
2000-04-20 Earth Days Were the Worst Days - Now We Drink Champagne When We're Thirs-tay
2000-04-06 Hackin' in the Bad Way
2000-03-31 I Use A Word That Don't Mean Nothing, Like "Loopid"
2000-03-15 John Rocker Gets a Standing Ovation
2000-02-28 Oh God Make It Stop!!
2000-02-23 Hacker Chic
2000-02-08 Tobacco Industry Sues Other Tobacco Industry
2000-02-01 R.U. Sirius May Not Be Getting It, But Joe Gardiner Certainly Is
2000-01-29 More Dumb Criminals
2000-01-21 Everyone's a Critic
2000-01-13 Steal Ben Stein's Money!
2000-01-07 Tibetan Karmapa Defects!
1999-12-20 World's Most Evil People in Entire World
1999-12-16 The Return of God's Comic
1999-11-19 Splashdown!
1999-11-14 Keeping it in The Family
1999-11-11 FUCK the Elvis Stamp
1999-11-05 FBI Plans for Armageddon
1999-10-22 2 Year Sentence For Columbine Threat Vs. 4 Months For Murder
1999-10-22 Hell House Scares the Fuck Out of Kids Yet Again
1999-10-20 Y2K! Child Sex Scam! On The Internet!
1999-10-08 LOSCON, or, Travels with Rick Moen
1999-10-08 Knicker Nicker Nicked
1999-09-23 Good Morning America!
1999-09-21 My First Prostitute
1999-08-27 Ya gotta hand it to him
1999-08-23 They're out to get you!
1999-08-18 Frosted Flakes Freak Out
1999-08-18 How Many Bleedin' Gorillas Do You Need?
1999-08-07 Will That Be Coffee, Tea or Prozac, Sir?
1999-08-05 Alabama -- Atlanta, What's the Difference?
1999-08-04 Western Civillization, Meet Mr. Flushing Toilet
1999-08-04 Honey, this mutton tastes funny
1999-07-30 Pigdog Welcomes Mark Barton to Club Charles Whitman
1999-07-24 Hijacker Just Wanted to Fly Plane
1999-07-12 It's a Scary Baby Conspiracy, Baby
1999-07-07 God's Movie Critic Gives Thumbs Down to Underwear
1999-07-06 Bad Men in Orange Jumpsuits
1999-06-29 Lies and Trickery Used To Catch Bad Guys
1999-06-29 13-year-old Swindles New York!
1999-06-28 The Dangers of Underestimating Mexican Serial Killers
1999-06-23 Join the Junior Carrot Patrol!
1999-06-03 Pat Robertson is Completely Insane!
1999-05-23 The Clones of Guelph
1999-05-21 And They Got Away With It!
1999-05-14 Wanna be a Bad Person?
1999-05-05 Serial Killer Atlas
1999-04-29 Oh The Humanity! Oh For A Little Perspective
1999-04-23 Trenchcoat Mafia, II: KMFDM
1999-04-21 Gothic Teen Media Makeover
1999-03-22 Rock For Life
1999-02-17 Female Sexual Pleasure Outlawed in Alabama
1999-01-16 Falwell Spouts More BULLSHIT
1999-01-16 It's PLANE CRAZY
1999-01-14 The Grass Is Always Greener
1999-01-11 Lucas isn't God
1999-01-07 Fly With Us Because We Hate You
1999-01-05 Absent check apparently triggers attack
1999-01-05 Looky There! A Shack on Wheels!
1998-12-16 Muppets Claim Another Victim
1998-12-14 Blond Bimbo Rapists
1998-12-11 Bad Kid Deletes Resume!
1998-12-11 2000-Year-Old Vampire Enters Plea
1998-12-10 Used Condom In McDonald's Chicken Bun
1998-12-08 Hire This Bad Kid Now!
1998-12-07 Horsey Serial Killer Strikes Again
1998-12-03 Monster
1998-12-03 Monster
1998-12-01 Gruesome Pig Mutilations in Palo Alto!
1998-12-01 I'm Dreaming of a Green and White Christmas
1998-12-01 Knippen En Wippen
1998-11-18 Harvey Keitel is a Fucker!
1998-11-16 The Phoney 15-year-old Prostitute
1998-11-14 Yuppie Pig Tries To Buy Barbie on Internet
1998-11-12 Vampires are killing our homeless people!
1998-11-08 Mayor McHat McCreamed
1998-11-07 Micro$oft - AntiChrist of High-tech
1998-11-07 Micro$oft Exposed
1998-11-06 Newt Scoots
1998-11-05 Hey Poe my Bro, Where You Wanna Go?
1998-11-05 Ninja in San Francisco Deflects Sheriff's Bullets!
1998-11-04 Check Out These 24-Inch Pythons!!!!!!
1998-11-04 Johnny R. And Snatcher go CRAZY!!!
1998-11-03 Leonardo DiCaprio Exposed Is A Freemason!
1998-11-03 Ninjas Being Lynched In Jakarta

Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is (usually) found and not created by Pigdog Journal staff. Read at your own risk.

2017-01-26 Alex Jones is Big, Fat, And Drunk in Public
Alex Jones is Big, Fat, And Drunk in Public. -- Flesh
2011-04-01 High school students sacrifice chickens to improve their batting average
-- El Destino
2011-03-12 Anton LaVey Candy Dispenser
-- Baron Earl
2011-03-05 What is the creepiest thing that you've ever experienced?
-- El Snatcher
2008-04-08 The subprime mortgage crisis explained... in easy-to-understand cartoon form!
-- Baron Earl
2006-02-17 Other people shot by Dick Cheney?
-- Baron Earl
2004-09-14 Evidence of Hootchie
-- Baron Earl
2003-02-06 Things You Don't See Everyday
A picture IS worth a thousand words. -- Miss Conduct
2002-12-17 The Beast's 50 Most Loathsome
-- El Snatcher
2002-12-02 Get More of Your War On
2002-11-16 History of Michael Jackson's face
From black man to white woman. -- Miss Conduct
2002-11-12 The Hidden Agenda of Tax Exempt Foundations
-- El Snatcher
2002-10-11 Saddam Hussein's Dance Party
-- h.r.taffs
2002-09-26 This is not your typical chit-chat
-- Baron Earl
2002-09-26 Ground Zero Theme Park
-- Flesh
2002-09-26 Ray Charles on Ice
This is wrong on so many levels & in so many ways... -- Flesh
2002-08-15 Switch to Whaaa?
-- Baron Earl
2002-04-19 Bizarro Santa Claus Burns Confederate Flag
-- Tjames Madison
2002-04-19 Drinking + Pyromania = Amateurs Need Not Apply
-- Tjames Madison
2001-11-26 Washington Post reporter gropes teenager
-- El Destino
2001-11-19 They Never Claimed to be Smart Terrorists
-- JRoyale
-- JRoyale
2001-11-04 Fake Coast Guard Boat Raises Alert
Fake Coast Guard Boat Raises Alert. -- Baron Earl
2001-11-04 Hear no evil...
-- Baron Earl
2001-10-17 Bash bin Laden With a Bat (flash)
-- JRoyale
2001-08-04 Philip Morris Companies Inc. Comments Regarding Czech Study
-- Baron Earl
2001-05-27 Coalition to Promote the Use of Child Soldiers
-- Baron Earl
2001-02-23 What is your major problem?
-- Baron Earl
2001-02-12 Doll Surgery
-- Baron Earl
2001-02-02 Chanderalla of Harlem by Jenna Bush
-- Baron Earl
2001-02-02 The Republican Wife-Cheating Hall of Fame
-- Baron Earl
2001-01-27 Hooray for hedonism and down with "Family Destinations"
-- JRoyale
2001-01-11 Iowa's Top-Ranked Dating Service
Iowa's Top-Ranked Dating Service (Just hit the "Search" button without entering anything.) -- Baron Earl
2000-12-15 When You Combine Sailor Moon with Sumo Wrestling, Expect Bad Things to Happen
-- Baron Earl
2000-12-06 Reporter Fakes Having a Job at Stupid Dot-Com Company
-- Baron Earl
2000-11-07 Got Kids, A Job and No Day Care. No Problem, Just Lock the Kids in the Trunk
Got Kids, A Job and No Day Care. No Problem, Just Lock the Kids in the Trunk -- JRoyale
2000-11-03 Boy promised to be taken to Disneyland; Was going to be sold for Organs
Boy promised to be taken to Disneyland; Was going to be sold for Organs instead -- Joab Jackson
2000-10-16 Truth in Advertising
Truth in Advertising. -- Baron Earl
2000-10-13 Hells Angels - Stuttgart Germany
Hells Angels - Stuttgart, Germany (Flash 4 required) -- JRoyale
2000-10-08 Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce
Daniel P. Musson admitted Tuesday that he sprayed oven cleaner on two Whoppers and spit on another in the Burger King where he worked. -- Baron Earl
2000-09-20 Bulletproof Tactical Body Armor
Bulletproof Tactical Body Armor. -- Baron Earl
2000-08-21 Freemasonry Watch.
-- Baron Earl
2000-08-11 Turkish Religious Leader Say Allah Lets You Beat Your Wives
Turkish Religious Leader Say God OK's Beating Your Wives -- Flesh
2000-06-04 I don't know if this one is true or not...
The real, honest-to-God, low-down story of the Rocket Car. No spam, no Darwin, just the truth. Or so it seems. Either way, it's a hell of a good read. -- Mr. Bad
2000-05-20 Lamest of the lame duck Presidents
-- JRoyale
2000-05-14 Something special for the one you love.
-- Baron Earl
2000-05-05 Hitler Porn! Like actual nude piXXX drawn by Hitler! For real!
-- Miles Standish
2000-05-05 If you LOVE Unicorns
If you LOVE Unicorns and are LONELY then this is the place for YOU! -- Ms.BunnyPenny
2000-05-01 Cintra Wilson Is a Bad Ass
I adore you Cintra! I will do whatever you want. I am sending 10 million dollars American to buy many copies of your book so you will love me. (P.S. Where are the nekkid Cintra pitchers?) -- Mr. Bad
2000-03-11 patents use of affiliate programs and 'one-click' ordering.
-- Baron Earl
2000-03-10 DOJ Dos and Don'ts for Kids
Hey kids! Don't be bad on the Internet! Learn how to be a good little brain-dead consumer like Mom and Dad. -- Mr. Bad
2000-02-19 Karaoke Shakespeare!!
Retarded Brits Introduce: Karaoke Shakespeare!! -- Ms.BunnyPenny
2000-02-08 British Press Still Stalking Spice Girls for No Apparent Reason
-- Tjames Madison
1999-12-08 It's Mullet Time!
-- Flesh
1999-11-18 NY Post: The Top 25 Most Evil People of the Millennium
-- El Snatcher
1999-11-12 Police Bust Middleschool Pokemon Theft Ring
-- Negative Nancy
1999-11-12 Columbine Killers Left Videos for Police to Find
-- Negative Nancy
1999-11-02 Hawaiin Xerox employee looses that Aloha feeling and shoots 7
-- Negative Nancy
1999-09-29 Customs Seizes $50,000 in Counterfeit Pokemons
-- Negative Nancy
1999-09-23 Woman arrested for not having cancer
-- Negative Nancy
1999-09-21 Serial Cat Killer Plagues San Jose
-- Negative Nancy
1999-08-24 Very old man says 'quit your rutting and you'll live forever'
-- Flesh
1999-08-16 Michelle Gienow -- Hillbilly Hyperphotographer
Coolio photographs from Miss Paranoia herself! She's cool, SMRL sympathizer and Pigdogtress extraordinaire. Check out her snaps. -- Mr. Bad
1999-08-16 Pat Robertson: Abortion Causes Crime
-- Tjames Madison
1999-08-07 Pat Robertson: Women Are Tramps and Should Be Kept Out of the Military
-- Tjames Madison
1999-08-06 British Survey says Students Like to Get Drunk and Fuck more than Study! (Gee, thats a suprise!)
British Survey says Students Like to Get Drunk and Fuck more than Study! (Gee, that's a suprise!) -- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-08-06 UK Politician Accused of Date Rape With GBH!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-08-06 There is Something Really Wrong About This Chicken Man
-- Tjames Madison
1999-08-04 Crocodile Dundee shot & killed by Aussie cops
Crocodile Dundee shot & killed by Aussie cops! -- Negative Nancy
1999-08-03 Leonardo DiCaprio is Trademarking His Name..Loser!!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-08-03 Pat Robertson: Y2K Crisis OK Because Mainly Christians Will Survive It
-- Tjames Madison
1999-08-02 Lewinsky Rolls Her SUV
Monica Lewinsky rolls SUV while trying to get something outta her purse. -- Negative Nancy
1999-07-29 U.K. Times: Girl, 12, admits being serial sex attacker
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-28 Karl Marx, Antisemite-Racist-Satanist Extraordinaire!
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-21 Stupid Chicken Man Makes Wretched, Broken Web Page!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-16 Horrible Drunk Driver Sues 8-year-old Girl He Orphaned
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-15 Reuters: Bad Hitler Art Sold to Dumb Norwegians for $80,000
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-13 Reuters: Crazy Dutch to Broadcast Funerals Live on Internet
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-13 Pat Robertson: God Hates Rap Music
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-13 Pat Robertson: God Is Stalking You
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-09 NY Mayor Giuliani is a Big Hypocrite!! Find the Evidence at TheSmokingGun!!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-07-08 Well, Fuck me Sideways! They DO have a Web site!
Well, gooooooollly! They DO have a Web page for the Mystery Spot! (Note: this site best viewed by tilting your head kinda sideways) -- Mr. Bad
1999-07-07 Pat Robertson: "Warlocks Control U.S. Military"
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-07 Pat Robertson: "You Can Trust a Commie... to be a Commie"
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-30 Woman Goes Crazy For Tomatoes!
-- Negative Nancy
1999-06-30 Amish Cokeheads Busted!!
-- Negative Nancy
1999-06-30 Jury Awards $5M to Man in Bee Stings
-- Negative Nancy
-- Negative Nancy
1999-06-29 Timothy Leary was informant rat for The Man!!!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-29 Know Your Mullet!!
-- La Aterciopelada
1999-06-22 Austin Powers is Some Kind of CHICKENHAWK!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-20 TELETUPSUD? Estonian Teletubbies!!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-18 Dead People Server!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-18 Study Proves It: East Germans Drive Like Hillbillies!!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-16 Wacky Brits Force Schoolgirl To Wear Beatles Wig
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-15 Voice From Coffin Spooks Argentine Man
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-09 Woman Sells Twin Babies for $7 Each
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-09 The Club Against Chicken Mans: Join Today!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-09 Big Fat Man Forklifted to Hospital!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-08 Reuters: Passenger refused alcohol goes INSANE, forcing plane down
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-03 The No Clown Zone -- Anti-clown site
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-03 Reuters: College instructor orders class to strip nude...
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-02 Brazilian Anglers in Piranha-Killing FRENZY
-- Tjames Madison
1999-05-22 REUTERS: Mexicans crack down on bodygaurds (weird)...
-- El Snatcher



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