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You can't drink in parks around here; so I don't even know how to get to the parks. They might be nice, but I'll never know.
-- S. Dallas, Esq.

Pros from Dover

It isn't very egalitarian to admit it, but some people ARE just better then most. We call them "The Pros from Dover".

Pigdog Journal Articles


WWE SMACK DOWN - From the Schoolyard
So I'm generally against all types of violence... but sometimes they just cross the line. And admittedly, I don't have the complete back story here, but honestly, you really don't need more than this video to figure out who's right and who's wrong and who deserved to eat concrete. -- JRoyale


Winner by a Knockout
AOL über critic and founder of AOL Watch, David Cassel was finally declared the victor in his battle to expose the lack of substance and management skill that Steve Case brought to the helm of America OnLine, as Mr. Case formally announced today that he would retire as chairman of AOL- Time-Warner in May. -- JRoyale


Vacationing from Somnambulant Narrow Realities
So about six months ago, I was chilling in Chang Mai, Thailand with ICBINJ, perursing the Bangkok Times over my banana pancake and Big Chang breakfast when I spotted this article reprinted from the LA Times. It was about some kooks from California (where else?) who were claiming to have been to the front lines in Afgahnistan in mid-December and had recorded the whole feat on their website. "Holy Fuck!" I thought, "Now That's web journalism. Who are these guys!?" -- Negative Nancy


Go Go Guinea Pigs
Robert Helms makes a living volunteering for medical experiments. Though Helms — and almost all guinea pigs — get paid for their participation in medical trials, they are still "volunteers" according to a byzantine legal code. They are compensated for their time, not paid to ingest medicine. He and "guinea pigs" like him have learned the intimate art of taking catheters in their veins, tubes in their intestines, EKG electrodes on their nipples. -- Siduri


Johnnie Royale's Guide to Wakes
Wakes can present problems for Bad People of the Future. (If you don't know what a BPotF is, you need to read more of the PDJ.) Sure, your friend is gone and you miss him and that really sucks; it does, I know. But all Bad People of the Future are gonna die, and they have all accepted that fact. They do deserve, however, to have one final kickass party to celebrate all the bad things they've done in the past, present and future. And you, as a friend, have to make sure that their desire for a final send off is well executed (sorry for the pun). That's just the way of BPotFdom. -- JRoyale


Boom... Now What's a Lefty To Do?
It is rare these days when I so completely agree with someone else's viewpoint. But it just happened when I read Marc Cooper's column in today's LA Times. -- JRoyale


He Makes Me Laugh
It is no mystery to many of you that I have an irrational little crush on Chicken John. He tickles my freak zone something fierce. He is the ultimate freak magnet. He inspires me. He is a gawdam GENIUS! Anyone who can coax a frat boy on stage to flaunt his third nipple HAS to be. -- Miss Conduct


Pigdog Tracks Down Mr. T
For those Pigdog readers that came of age in the early 80's, you'll remember the TV series the "A-Team". It was a show about 4 Vietnam vets on the run from the Army for a crime they didn't commit - forced to make a living in the LA underground as mercenaries righting wrongs. -- JRoyale

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