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-- LiquorPig


Life Before Unix

As many people are aware, the Earth existed before the World Wide Web. Oddly, the History of civilization extends far prior to the beginning of the Unix epoch on January first, 1970. How these strange primitive peoples existed without such vital tools as grep and awk, we may never know. But it behooves us to discover more about those strange ancestors of ours that lived before Unix.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2002-04-28 The One I Feel Sorry For Is Joses
2002-01-05 New World has Own, Strange Colloquialisms
2001-11-22 Look Out! Giant Cockroaches!
2001-08-04 Solar-powered Corpse Cooker
2001-07-27 What do Computers and Skateboards have in Common?
2000-06-24 Who built the Sphinx anyway?
2000-06-03 City Found Under Water

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2002-02-11 World's Oldest Ralph
Scientists say: "We believe this is the first time the existence of fossil vomit on a grand scale has been proven beyond reasonable doubt." -- Siduri
2001-04-15 Missing Novell Server Discovered After Four Years
Missing Novell Server Discovered After Four Years. -- Baron Earl
2001-02-02 OS X on Intel
-- Baron Earl
2001-01-09 Stonehenge is a BIG FAKE.
Stonehenge is a BIG FAKE! Hahaha! Lisp is OLDER than Stonehenge! This is just further evidence for my theory that the world didn't exist before 1950. History is a HOAX, people. Don't, don't don't don't, don't believe the hype! -- Mr. Bad
2000-10-08 The Last Days of Netcom
The Last Days of Netcom. -- Baron Earl
2000-07-28 How to tell if your ass is too small
How to tell if your ass is too small. -- Baron Earl



C L A S S I C   P I G D O G

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