I want to kill bugs, sir!




The chance that anyone has a bomb on a plane is very, very small. The chance that TWO people are carrying bombs is infinitessimally small. That's why I always carry a bomb with me when I fly. It improves my odds of surviving the flight without getting blown to bits.
-- enigma


I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka!

The Justice Department is being run by a political appointee of George Bush who was so disliked in his home state of Missouri that in 2000 he lost an election to a dead man. Now he gets to decide which freedoms people should sacrifice in the name of security.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2007-09-09 Alex Jones manhandled and arrested on trumped-up charges by NYPD!
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2011-04-16 YouTube punishes copyright offenders with animated pirate cat
-- El Destino
2005-11-08 Secret prison archipelago. Are we allowed to call them gulags yet?
-- Baron Earl
2004-04-22 The Raich v. Ashcroft federal medical cannabis lawsuit.
-- Baron Earl
2003-04-27 Sing-along with the Attorney General. Too bad the lyrics suck.
-- Baron Earl
2002-09-26 One Saddam, Two Saddam, Three Saddam, Four. Five Saddam, Six Saddam, Seven Saddam, More?
-- Baron Earl
2002-08-16 Big Brother 2002
-- Baron Earl
2002-08-15 First Iraq, then on to Venezuela!
-- Baron Earl




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