Superhero Fights Y2K Bug?
1999-01-09 14:29:00

Y2K Madness
I wish you were a Pez dispenser so I could eat candy out of your neck.
-- Gar's Sister


Y2K Hysteria reaches new highs! El Destino's credit union created Y2K Man to re-assure customers.

It's not working...

I joined a credit union four years ago -- "West One Federal Credit Union" -- and they're sending me their four-page quarterly newsletter. Yesterday the "First Quarter, 1999" issue arrived, with a drawing of Y2K-Man -- a badly drawn superhero pointing to the sky under the headline "Here He Comes To Save The Day!"

Here's what they said.....

Y2K-Man is our "employee" in the spotlight this quarter. He's everywhere. He's watching over all of our tests and procedures. Look for him in West One FCU Year 2000 Project literature and announcements.

Wherever you see Y2K-Man, you can be assured that testing is being done or has been completed. If you have any questions or concerns about our Year 2000 strategy, please call us during regular business hours. Though Y2K-Man will be busy, one of our knowledgeable staff can help you.

Paradoxically, that left me feeling *less* confident.....

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