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...she asked me point blank if I considered myself a Buddhist or a Christian. I said I was bisectual.
-- Splicer

...And STEP on It!

by Mr. Bad

1999-05-23 16:53:44

MORE and MORE trampling and stompling fun! You haven't lived till you've had a 4-inch heel digging into your CHEST, man!

Somebody's got to straighten me out, because I LOVE TRAMPLING. And this site is the BOMB. Not only do they have shots from a ton of trampling vids, but they've got coolio animated gifs. Like of a girl wiggling her butt while crushing some wormboy, and another of a PORN-LOVING BEAR with a HUGE BONER!

I mean, PLEASE! This is the place where TRAMPLE DREAMS come true.

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