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They're hot, horny, incarcerated, and waiting for you!
2000-03-30 20:40:42

Would You Like Fetish With That?
I am not Spock.
-- Leonard Nimoy


What a bind you are in. The cold images on your computer's cathode-ray tube just won't cut it anymore. You need the warmth of a real female. But where can you find one? Ever try jail?

Gentlemen, are you lonely tonight? Is your significant other in a remote country, and not expected back for many years? Perhaps you live in your parent's basement collecting Playboys, and have no real experience interacting with members of the opposite sex. Well don't fret Bucky!

Legendary entrepreneur and First Amendment defender Larry Flynt understands your problems, and sympathizes. To aid you, Pigdog's patron Saint Larry puts at your disposal the Jail Babes web site, featuring some of the hottest women behind bars.

Now before you start worrying about getting lined up with a penis chopper, let me assure you that all the women are screened. So you don't have to worry about waking up one morning with your family jewels mailed to a death cult in Spain.

Besides, you stand a better chance of getting into a threesome with these women, than any you would meet in a bar. Luser!

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