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Could We Get One in Human Size?
1999-11-10 09:07:38

Weird Science
Can I rub my kooch on your head?
-- Liquor Pig's Las Vegas Stripper


The British have come up with a way to get rid of slugs. This crazy limeys has built this machine that hunts down and kills slugs. So what makes this better than a tin of beer? It runs of the power it generates through the decay of its victims!

This doom machine doesn't need you or any electrical outlet. You just let it do its job, and it'll perpetually run off the fermenting corpses of its prey. Pigdog would like to suggest building larger versions. We could make them clean up our streets, wash our windows, and make the city sparkle like it was new again. All the waste could be kept in a fermentor. And whenever it needed power, a quick trip to the morgue or Humane Society carcass disposal bin (in emergencies the nearest cemetery) would charge it right back up. And the waste from that could be processed into Hi-grade fertilizer! What more could you want?

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