Better Make that a Double Spocktail...
1999-08-18 19:53:16

Weird Science
Nobody runs any real applications anyway. The whole purpose of personal computing is to tinker with shit. Everybody else (who isn't tinkering) is only using their Pentium Professionals as glorified typewriters. Applications, ha ha ha.
-- Ratsnatcher


Sometime early this month an iceberg the size of our smallest state left Antarctica and headed north... which when you think about it is the only way it could go...

Anyway, B-10A (it's name and now you know that they name icebergs) is 48 miles long and 24 miles wide. There is probably enough fresh water in that sucker to irrigate half of Somalia for a decade or with the watering habits of my neighbor - his entire front and back yards for one week.

Scientist's have measured its peaks at nearly 100 meters above sea level and they believe that it draws over 300 meters in depth. For the time being it is the Big Man on Campus, the 800 pound Gorilla, the Head Honcho of the sea lanes and it is gonna float anywhere it damn well pleases.

This monsterburg has been a 100 thousand years in the making and is formed from water that fell eons before man invented the combustion engine so I think that it would make some mighty fine (tho' large) icecubes for our World Famous Spocktails... too bad it is so far away.

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