Australians Lick It Up
1999-01-12 23:01:00

Weird Science
I hate you all. Suck my gooey wad of hate.
-- Mr. Bad


Once again the Australians lead the way in high tech alcoholic packing as the Boys Down Under have managed to freeze it into Popsicles. - or Icy Poles as the Aussies apparently call them. And although at only 6% ABV, necessitating the consumption of an entire box for a buzz, the Australian's climate obliges with millions of square miles of desert.

And what got me was the not only will it become continentally marketed by Liquor Pops... (Gawd I love that name), but they aren't the first, only the first to gather international attention as parents worry that their little Joeys will become raging alcoholics by age 12 instead of the Australian's average of 14.24 years. According to the article, Australians have been able to buy alcoholic lanced popsicles labeled Buzz Blocks (an even better name), weighing in a 8% ABV, for sometime now. Evan sucks

If Pigdog has any friends in the South Pacific we'd greatly appreciate a review.

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