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Create Talking Fetish Video with AT&T Labs
2001-08-07 13:04:26

Weird Science
Listen to your inner SPOCK!
-- Head Freezin' Gene


AT&T Research Labs has a message for you. "Fucky sucky 5 dollar? Me love you long time!" Wait a minute -- that message came from a renegade hillbilly scientist, hijacking technology from AT&T Research Labs...

See, at their web site AT&T researchers are demo-ing a technology that synthesizes voice and video for your text messages. Watch and hear your words spoken by George W. Bush, Mary Tyler Moore, Harry Potter -- and over a hundred others. Even, apparently, by images you've uploaded yourself.

Yep, that's the fun part. "The models in the Open Public and other 'PlayMail' galleries are contributed by 'PlayMail' users," the site warns in small print. "The content of these galleries is not owned or endorsed by the 'PlayMail' service." Select the naked 500-pound blond woman -- then cut-and-paste text from a US Wives.com porno spam. Throw in some excerpts from "Big Ass Smotherland Smash", Mr. Bad's fetish classic from 1998.

"Your dreams of smotherhood shall be fulfilled," the AT&T animatron coos... With carefully placed emoticons, she even smiles after "Me love you long time."

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