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Tom's Rootboot is Cool
1999-11-08 10:19:01

Weird Linux
I _could_ do that. But that would require work. And I'd rather sit and complain.
-- Yosemite Sam


Hey, so, what kind of fun is Linux anymore? Like, it's got GNOME, it's got KDE, it's got flaks and marketing d00ds and evangelists and all that shit. Seems like it's time to move on, right? Well, maybe not. Like Feynman said, there's always room at the bottom.

There's been a KERSPLOSION of itty-bitty one-floppy and two-floppy Linux distributions lately. While Red Hat, Debian, and SuSE struggle to get more and more and more Linux software onto 2, 3, and 4-CD distributions, these itty-bitty Linuxes are getting smaller and smaller. Hell, one floppy is one floppy, but it turns out that you can put a SHITLOAD of working code on there.

Of all the 1FLD's, Tom's RootBoot has got to be the best. It's got all kinds of software, and all kinds of CRAZY SCHEMES to squeeze ONE MORE BYTE out of a util or app. It's GREAT. I got to say, I admire the fanatical weirdness behind Tom's RTBT. If only it were German, well, then I'd be happy. But what can you do?

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