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Trinux - Bad Hacker Linux! BAD!
1999-08-16 12:16:39

Weird Linux
Klebold was a patsy.
-- Miles Standish


Wow! I've talked before about bad Linux distributions, but Trinux might take the CAKE. It's the VERY BAD LINUX for VERY BAD HACKER PEOPLE. Beaujolais to that!

The deal is that this Trinux is a single-floppy Linux distribution. It's got a whole bunch of tools for network monitoring and probing a computer. It's billed as a "security tool," but we all know that that just means it's for BAD HACKERS!

Anyways, all you have to do is walk up to a computer, drop in the Trinux floppy, boot up, and you've got a complete tool for FUCKING UP a computer network. It's got all this software on the SINGLE FLOPPY to go mucking around all over a network, doing all kinds of bad things! I don't know what those things are, but they're bad! Of that I am SURE!

The cool thing is that when you're done, you pop out the diskette, reboot again, walk away, and it's like it NEVER HAPPENED! Weird, eh? Very HACKERISH is my feeling about the whole matter.

Hell, man, you should be getting PARANOID at this point. All those seldom-used computers all around your office could be running Trinux right now! Sniffing passwords! Anally probing your secretaries! Physically violating your support staff! AAAAAAH!

The only problem I have with Trinux as Super Bad Linux Distro of the Century is that I'm unable to ferret out the German Connection. It's well known that everything evil and bad in Linux has its ultimate origin in the Fatherland. The question is: how? Trinux was developed by Antonio Garcia, which doesn't sound too German to me. There's a whole dev team, but they're based in San Antonio, TX, which is like the LEAST GERMAN TOWN in the U S of A. So, I dunno. The jury's still out on this one.

Anyhoo, if you're looking for super bad Linux, or even if you're actually INTERESTED in computer security (pshaw - right! as IF!), you should check out this Trinux, eh? Tell em Pigdog sent you.

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