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Bad Craziness at Impossible Speeds!!!
1999-08-21 23:45:15

I have enough hard alcohol in the house right now to get 5th SS Panzer Division tanked or the entire Senate (including those young cute female pages that Strom and Kennedy like) ripped. But I guess I can always use some more.
-- Johnnie Royale


It's of VITAL IMPORTANCE that you check out badcraziness.com IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT PASS GO! Do NOT collect two hundred dollars, bastardo! The time is now! This is the moment in which we can DO!

Eric Richardson is the d00d who made all this funky ass software such as ethreads and like that. He's cool! We like him. Master Squid threatened to gun him down with an Evil Black Rifle at one point because he was using the "badcraziness.com" domain, which, like, we figger is probably by RIGHTS ours, but after initial evil feelings and federal mediation, we're one big happy bad crazy family.

FEW PEOPLE KNOW that the term "Bad Crazyness" or some other horrendous misspelling comes from the Rathead BBS listing in, like, MicroTimes or Computer Currents or something back in 1989 or whatever. I'm not sure which mag or which year, but it was definitely in there, and it's been what GUIDES PIGDOG into bad craziness at impossible speeds for more than a decade.

Where was I? OK, yeah, like, there's this badcraziness.com. The badcraziness people do a pretty kick-ass web-log, and they use the groovy ethreads software, which makes it even better. And they like Pigdog, which I'm like that's my only criterion for a good site nowadays.

OK, so, probably a lot of readers have noticed that I'm getting worse at writing these link articles. Like, I say something, then I say something else, then I forget what I was talking about and get bored and yell at you to go read the actual other site. I'm sorry that I'm getting predictable.

Anyways, we're at that last step, so go check out badcraziness.com. Here are some exclamation points to show that I'm serious: !!!!!!!!!! Be sure to click on the Pigdog Journal banner ads in order to put yourself into an infinite HTTP loop.

Over.  End of Story.  Go home now.


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