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Blur Are Shite
1999-08-06 08:39:20

Viva La Musica
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-- Paul Vortex


The British band Mogwai has come up with a rather novel marketing scheme. Taking aim at the popular group they'll be sharing headliner status with at an upcoming British rock festival, Mogwai will be selling, at the festival, a shirt inscribed with a simple declaration -- "Blur: Are Shite".

According to Mogwai's Stuart Brathwaite, "The thing about the shirt is it's like a dictionary definition," he told the British music journal NME. "Blur: Are Shite. It's factual and if there's any legal problems about it I'll go to court as someone who has studied music so I can prove they are shite."

"We decided to proclaim our dislike of one of the weakest bands on the planet by putting out these shirts."

While the first run of t-shirts was selling out in one day, a spokesman for Blur told reporters that "It's a free country and everyone's entitled to their own opinion."

NME has invited readers to discuss the "Blur: Shite or Not Shite?" issue on its bulletin board.

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