Call Yerselves Bloody Professionals?
1999-08-03 08:08:59

Viva La Musica
I get the feeling that the Pentagon is the sort of place where after terrorists attack it, you just push over the corpses who have toppled onto your desk and get back to work.
-- Tjames Madison


More fingers are pointing in even more directions in the aftermath of the stoopidest "event" in recent memory, Woodstock '99.

Now techno weirdo Moby, who played at the star-crossed corporate celebration of hooliganism and bad taste in clothing and haircuts, has lashed out at the festival organizers. In an interview with the BBC, Moby said people should have expected trouble from the get-go.

"You don't have a rock festival based on peace and love and invite Kid Rock and Insane Clown Posse," he said.

He also went on to label fans of the above groups as "macho idiots" and troublemakers.

Well, duh.

Meanwhile, in other Woodstock-related news, Elvis Costello is reportedly "still running like a bat out of hell." The veteran songmeister and Paul McCartney acquaintance was last spotted near Ithica, NY, "moving very fast and steady, though somewhat winded, and with a quite shocked look on his face," a well-placed source told Pigdog.

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