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Are you scared, little punk? You should be.
1999-07-26 19:26:56

Viva La Musica
If your faith allows you to believe that Donald Trump is a God-fearing Christian and Barack Obama wasn't, your faith is white supremacy.
-- Keith Boykin‏


Many bands in this day and age would like you to believe how they are bad-assed, or just plain bad people. In most cases, though, they'll be nothing more than a bunch of slack-jawed suburban kiddies, still living in their mom and dad's basement. This is not the case with Atari Teenage Riot.

Critics have dismissed them, and other forms of Digital Hardcore, saying their lyrics and sounds are designed to sell records based on catchy phrases. Itís very difficult to take these criticisms seriously when they give bands like The Backstreet Boys any kind of credit. Letís not forget that ATR just did a concert in the middle of a Police Riot. (http://www.digitalhardcore.com/images/riot.mov) And we arenít talking your typical American Riot either. Weíre talking rubber bullets, tear gas thrown; attack dogs released, and people beaten with four-foot batons. This is the kind of situation your typical wannabe bad people, or wannabe bad people band would last less than 20 seconds in.

Anyway, ATR is on tour. Go see them, and check out music for bad people of the future today.

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