Live 365 -- What the hell are they thinking?
1999-07-06 20:45:05

Viva La Musica
I'm attacking you because it's FUN, dumbshit!
-- Tjames Madison


Man, so Live 365 has some of the killerest Internet radio stations ever. Like, real real good stuff (I like Fastwater myself). But check this out: they want to give you 100 Mb of Web space FREEE!

FREEE STUFF!!! What's going on with this GODDAMNED WEB!?!?! Why can you get so much free stuff!?!

100 Mb of hard disk space is just too good to pass up. You could use it for backing up your PORN COLLECTION or all your crazy MP3's! Or whatever! I mean, Jesu! 100 Mb!

Look! I created one! It's right here: HERE HERE HERE!. It's only about 500 bytes, a TOTAL WASTE of my 100Mb of space, but WHO CARES! It's all MINE!

I even used my MUJmail address to sign up! So, like, if I put up 100Mb of slanderous PORN and MP3's about Tsutomu Shimomura, he would have to chase me through the AETHER across TWO CONTINENTS in a HEART-POUNDING RACE through a virtual maze of hidden identities and FALSE LEADS! Perhaps I, the PERPETRATOR, would NEVER BE FOUND!

On second thought, that would be BAD and WRONG. Only a BAD HAKR D00D would do something like that, and I'm sure that the good people at Live 365 would kick my ass real hard and take all my porn off the Web real fast. So I won't do that, I promise.

But check out Live365 anyways! Take advantage while you CAN!!!

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