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"Justin Banged Me" Sez Britney
2003-07-08 16:09:08

Viva La Musica
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Banged her like the cheap lying ho she is. For years now, Britney has claimed, to the snorts and chuckles of the world, that she was a virgin saving herself for marriage. However, in a recent interview with W magazine, Britney admitted for the first time that Justin and she did the dirty deed and screwed like bunnies.

Not that this is really news as Justin claimed that he "repeatedly thrust his massive throbbing granite hard cock deep into her hot, tight, juicy pussy while Britney moaned and begged for more," live on the Barbara Walters ABC Prime Time Special In-depth Celebrity Interview several years ago.

And not that I think Britney is a better (or worse) performer because she got her cherry popped. She has always been an overrated, underperforming "artist" that uses sex appeal and her flat stomach to push her mind numbing and culture destroying songs on an American public that long ago lost all sense of taste and the ability to discern real talent.

So Britney is a self-admitted lying bitch -- maintaining that her hymen was intact and that she is waiting for holy matrimony to spread her legs. Which is an absolutely horrible role model for young women (and men for that matter). Life is short, start having fun now! Before you are dead!, is the message rock stars should be supplying to their fans. We should never forget the mantra, "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll." Yay for Sex. Yay for Drugs. Yay for Rock and Fucking Roll.

Britney should have long ago stopped playing Pretty, Pretty Virgin Princess and just gone for the slutty, willing to screw anything with a cock, party all night cause the drugs are just that good female rock star that is her natural persona. But she had to lie and potentially ruin the adolescence of millions of her young fans that opted instead for chastity, sobriety and really bad music. A choice that she will have to live with for the rest of her life... and beyond.

Fortunately for her, all that deception is in her past and Britney is now free to let her inner slut loose. While Iím not advocating that she continue her singing career, I can visualize her naked, in a large vat of Jell-O, squirming around until she canít squirm no more.

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