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Those Crazy Dutch Have Resurrected Elvis
2002-08-20 21:51:28

Viva La Musica
Now, I'm no artist, but I'm crazy, and I know how to burn stuff up and talk like a redneck.
-- Tjames Madison


A decade ago the tabloids were splattered with Elvis sightings. It seemed you couldn't order a peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich anywhere without seeing The King Of Rock And Roll. Now, 25 years after his death, Elvis is alive and well and topping the British singles charts.

Thanks to Dutch musician Tom Holkenborg, DJ of the techno group Junkie XL, Elvis is fresh and new in the remixed version of A Little Less Conversation. Okay. Maybe not so fresh and new, but certainly EVERYwhere as only Elvis can, and should, be. The single sold over 67,000 copies on the first day. Elvis now has more number one singles in pop chart history than the Beatles. However, the Presley Estate made the band change their name to JXL before permission was granted to use The King's voice. Ever since he died of a drug overdose, his heirs are a little sensitive about junkie references.

Meanwhile, every time I hear this song it rox the sox off my foxy box more than cream cheese and lox.

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