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Gangster Rap in RealAudio
1999-05-20 08:25:39

Viva La Musica
Use your words people. Use your words, cause they're all you have.
-- Miss Conduct


The people at DogDay records have produced a website featuring RealAudio samples of all of their top artists. If you hate this kind of music, you will like it even less after visiting this site.

Not all gangster rap is about bitches, selling crack, shooting people... Alright, so maybe it is.

But well, this website hosts 11/5 and they really know how to talk about shit like that over a drum machine.

Highlights of the RealAudio samples include "The Nade," "Cars & Shoes" as well as many other samples from artists who signed with DogDay.

Tracks from these artists can also be found pirated over in Finland at Insane.

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