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Courtney Loves Loves MP3s
2001-02-27 19:21:38

Viva La Musica
I applaud the coming apocalypse.
-- Mr. Bad


I've been doing some research on MP3s and Open Source and such and came across this slightly dated Salon article covering a speech that Courtney Love gave last June.

She's got a lot to say and she spits a lot of vemon at the RIAA and the record companies.

Nor is she a lover of corporations in general. After being screwed over by a cola company that was sponsoring one of her shows and forced to wear one of their T-shirts with a big logo on it, Love says,

"I ended up playing without my shirt on and ordering a six-pack of the rival cola onstage. Also lots of unwholesome cursing and nudity occurred. This way I knew that no matter how tempting the cash was, they'd never do business with me again."

I think I would have enjoyed watching that show. A big Beaujolais to Courtney.

If you like music and are interested some of the dirty parts of the business it is definitely worth a read.

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