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SDMI Head Says
2000-10-16 02:27:46

Viva La Musica
As a writer, I kick your flabby ass to China and back. Your articles are rolling over and BEGGING my articles not to tear through their soft underbellies and slurp up their intestines like so much spaghetti. Your articles call my articles "sir." Your articles pull their dripping assholes WIDE for my articles' slightest pleasure.
-- Siduri


Leonardo Chiariglione, head of the infamous SDMI Organization (boo hiss) when questioned about the Salon claim that SDMI has been completed hacked, says that "When a publication makes such a completely wrong, unfounded, anonymous slander, I think it deserves a very strong answer,"

Naturally, Mr Chiariglione, who was recently quoted saying "Fair Use is a concept of your country, not mine" did not provide a strong answer. Instead, his cryptic answer was that the SDMI techs had not applied ALL the hack against all 450 files in the contest. Therefore, no one knows whether ALL the SDMI proposed formats have been compromised - as reported by Salon late last week.

HAHAHAHAHA...I'm not sure what Mr Chiariglione is smoking these days, but if he thinks he's gonna make the obtuse and incredibly complicated SDMI format (whatever it turns out to be) replace the simple and dumb mp3 format - I'd like some too.

Anyway, here's Pigdog's original take on the hack.

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