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SDMI Hacked
2000-10-12 13:40:31

Viva La Musica
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-- El Snatcher


This is just in and has not been confirmed, but it appears according to this Salon article that ALL of the horrible SDMI encoding schemas have been broken. All of them!

That SDMI was hackable doesn't surprise me that much. Nor does the fact that the RIAA thinks it can put the mp3 jinni back in the bottle. Boy are they dumb.

However, I am surprised that it was so easily and completely hacked. If you don't know, the RIAA held a contest to see if anyone could break SDMI. Much of the elite hacker community vowed to boycott the contest as they felt the RIAA was using the hackers to do the RIAA's dirty work. (Note: the reward for cracking SDMI was a paltry $10,000)

Naturally, you can expect the RIAA to continue to act like an ostrich and stick there collective heads so far in the ground they all pop up in China. They probably now sue the hackers that hacked SDMI under the DMCA to prevent them from distributing the hack.

When will the RIAA learn? Probably about 10 minutes after the music labels realize what a horrible strategy the RIAA has been following concerning digital music and "pulls the plug" on them.

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