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The Return of Prince?

by Flesh

2000-08-10 20:29:27

It's obvious to most of the population on the planet that the man once known as Prince has for many years now, been, in polite terms, wackier than a Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin movie (just not as funny). I all but quit listening to the man after he released Around the World in a Day. I became convinced he should be commited when he changed his name to an unreferenced symbol. But he's a married man now, and the possibility that his wife has bitch-slapped some sense into the purple one is begining to show.

Like many other artists, Prince does have a web site which he uses to communicate with the few remaining fans that haven't been frightened off by his lunatic mix of mysticism, sex, funk, and mescallin cocktails with jesus at lunchtime. Lately, Roger has used this as a platform to do somthing he hasn't done in many years - say somthing incredibly intelligent, original, and needed.

On his web site, Prince has issued a press release/article entiled "4 The Love Of Music", in which he defends Napster, music lovers (as opposed to consumers), and slams major labels and promotes true artistic freedom for all. Sure, he's still using numbers for words (which is about as annoying as a drunken middle-aged divorcee' giving advice on your relationship), but what he has to say here should really be read by anyone who creates music, or understands the power of music.

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