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1 Million Raving Germans Can't Be Wrong
2000-07-08 19:19:38

Viva La Musica
You are hereby absolved of the curse, my son. Go ye and fornicate freely.
-- That One


When those Germans party... they party hardy. Over a million German techno fans took to the streets of Berlin this weekend to have a rocking good time (or is that a raving good time these days).

And what's not to like about this "Love Parade" of music where you gots your truck-drawn floats pumping out pounding beats to a mass of bobbing orange- and green-haired youths, attired in the skimpiest attire. I say Beaujolais to that.

What I like about this is they want everybody to party everywhere at the same time. This year a group in Leeds, England managed to host a simultaneous Love Parade. So the question becomes when is stuffy old San Francisco gonna get off it's lazy ass and host its own Love Parade, filled with pounding floats of techno and skimpily attired drag queens?

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