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Once you accept the Bozo that is within yourself, you can accept the Bozo that is within us ALL. And they all had the best Christmas ever.
-- Tjames Madison

CopMall, The Ultimate Fascist Showcase

by Negative Nancy

1999-02-02 08:47:00

Who says shopping is only for Nancy Boys? CopMall has everything a man could want--all on one site. They have wine and cheese and guns and dogs, travel offers, restraint systems, even their own music label (Deputy: Music to Enforce By). They've got computer stuff (Searchable Offender Data Reference), books, and magazines.

If just the idea of CopMall isn't bad enough, they actually brag about getting an award from the Canadian Internet Directory.

So go on in and investigate CopMall, "the site of choice for the international law enforcement community."

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