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Nazism is alive and well in North Carolina
2000-03-30 20:45:25

Knowing what a bunch of capitalistic swine you guys are, I'd bet you'd rent that guy the inflatable sheep by the hour.
-- Johnnie Royale


Just when you thought the witch-hunt tactics employed by Joseph McCarthy were an ugly thing of the past, W.A.V.E. wants to burn all deeply held true American values, and introduce values that only the SS would approve of.

You see, W.A.V.E, in the name of making this country a better place, wants you to get in line like a Good German, and to turn in all "undesirables", which they define as "anything harmful to you or your school", which they will then turn over to the local authorities.

Stay tuned. Next week, they'll be requesting lists of all known homosexuals, Jews, Negroes, and other "undesirables" unwelcome in North Carolina.

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