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Texas is The Reason

by Flesh

2000-01-11 11:18:20

The tale you are about to read will shock and horrify you. It is a story of a person intentionally running over another person with a two-ton Caddy, in cold blood, in front of dozen's of witnesses. The fact that this is a true story is bad enough. What will curdle your blood is that it gets far worse.

Dateline: December 12, 1997 - Amarillo Texas

A group of Punks had had enough of the knuckle-dragging jocks, who in typical primate-like behavior attacked anything that differed from what they perceived as "normal." A massive fight ensued, resulting in one Dustin Camp deciding to use his car as a weapon. Camp ran down a kid named Brian Deneke with enough force to crush his skull & chest, as well as rip the collarbone clean out of his body.

Now here's where it gets worse.

You would expect that with all the witnesses (both in the car and the in parking lot) that this would be an open & shut case. And because it's Texas, Dustin Camp would be spending the rest of his life trying to find the happy place, as his pudgy, pink, hairless anus is invaded and filled with the backed-up semen of a hundred fellow inmates. Instead, local sleazeball and Satan's chief cocksucker & jism-drinker, Warren L. Clark not only got the murder charge dropped down to manslaughter, but made it seem like the victim actually had it coming. I should also mention that Dustin Camp didn't spend a single day behind bars whatsoever.

Currently, Dustin Camp is walking around a free man, probably unrepentant of his crime. His friends cannot understand why people point at him in the street, and why he has to endure the various court-assigned limitations that come with probation. He can't go hunting, go to a party, and has to be home by 10PM every night.

After all, he said he was sorry, what more do you want?

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