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I'm Proud to be GATT, Y'all, and that's a FACT, Y'all

by Mr. Bad

1999-12-02 03:10:58

Check it out! Weirdness and bizarre brainfucking from the WTO! Web devolution is the only solution! Freak out the squares! Beaujolais!

Man, I gots to say, I like these RTMark guys. There's something about cybersquatting as a subversive act that has gen-you-wine appeal. Names are powerful! Misuse the intellectual property system! is kind of the message as I understand it.

They did a superb job of creating fear and loathing with their site earlier this year -- a Web site that ostensibly represents blechy loser George W. Bush, but in reality exposes his horrible hypocrisy and lies. HAR HAR! Stupid George Bush got all hopping mad about the fact that they'd seized his name and used it against him, but it turned out to be fair use and so SCREW GWB. HAR HAR again!

Anyways, these RTMark boys are back in the ring to take another swing. This time, it's all about that crazy WTO stuff. What they did is create this sicko (GATT is the Global Agreement on Trade and Tariffs -- it's the masterpiece that the WTO is spending all their star chamber time working on) and it's all full of bad crazyiness and cruel jokes at the NWO's expense. The site, based around a mutual fund investment metaphor, chronicles practically every backlash and uprising in the sad but beautiful Western world.

Beaujolais! Go see the madness! You might learn something.

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