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Monumental Christopher Walken Newsletter
1999-08-11 03:32:04

Team Walken
Clinton said he tried marijuana and didn't inhale - what does that tell you? Brownies or hash cakes?
-- Bill Hicks


Did you know that early in his career Christopher Walken was in musicals, and he sang, and he wore a white-hair wig like an English judge? Can you imagine how frightening that must have been?

This is the kind of information you can get --- at high freight train speeds -- with them search engines...

A couple years ago, there were approximately TWO (2) Christopher Walken sites worth looking at, I remember searching them out... and thinking, MORE... there should be MORE. But now there are DOZENS, maybe HUNDREDS. I can't keep track of them all...

Only on the Web, can you find poems and short stories about Christopher Walken.

But more importantly, there is exactly what the world needs: an online NEWSLETTER, Walken on the Wild Side, covering Christopher Walken. You must go to it, and read it now. Friend.

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