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And the one that mother gives you....

by Flesh

1999-09-02 12:11:34

In this day and age, it's really easy to get burned when buying drugs, both figuratively and literally. Most people know that you don't buy drugs off the street, or from someone who will only let you look at the merchandise in a dark place. But what can you do if even under the best light, and sitting in someone's living room you are not able to identify a potential burn (such as buying Ecstasy)? We have just the solution for you

In San Francisco, you will encounter in some circles an organization by the name of Dance Safe. Their goal is to provide neutral information about recreational drugs. They believe in the old saying "knowledge is power". They also believe that everyone should have a good time without the threat of having someone sell you bunk crap, or worse.

The great thing about their services is that it's FREE. there's no cost to you to look over the pages, or to have a pill analyized. But send them in a donation. what they are doing benefits everyone, even if you don't dig drugs.

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