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Dosed By The Government!

by Negative Nancy

1999-08-02 11:30:09

85 Brits are sueing their government for giving them massive doses of LSD in the '60s. And we are talking MASSIVE! Many of the unwilling trippers have not been able to keep a job since, as one guy put it, "[they] opened up my mind and it didn't close afterwards."

Not only did health officals prescribe crazy-wacked-out-mega-doses, but they did it for crazy-whacked-out reasons! Like stomach pains! and to treat phobias! Who the hell gives people dose to help them deal with phobias?!? Why don't you just take a bunch of people with self-image problems, dress them in giant clown suits, have them drop a few hits, and stick them in front of giant circus mirrors!! I'm sure they'll be able to work through their issues in a calm and rational manner.

Jeeze, no wonder governments keep making recreational drugs illegal--it's because they're the ones that can't party responsibly!

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